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TITAN X contains an ingredient we have managed to extract and study from a deep sea cucumber. Deep sea cucumbers have amazing abilities, they are incredibly tough and also beautiful.
This extract is taken from a secretion produced by the Deep sea Cucumber that not only opens arteries and removes plaque but… Gives incredible erections, healthier than any viagra type compound.
It also lowers arterial blood pressure while increasing vascularity.
If you need a pump use Titan X
If you need an erection use 2 drops 30 mins prior to activity.
10ml bottle. If used every day would last 4 weeks.
Studies show it lowers bad cholesterol too.
Menthol flavour
Ingredient X is subject to a patent.



2 drops twice a day oral suspension for research only.

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  1. Mike

    I was sent this as a beta tester , a but shocked by some of the changes I’ve seen so much so I’m not posting them. It’s for you to find out.
    Incredibly innovative

    Mike. Texas usa

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