Titan xl

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Titan Xl

The ultimate completely natural penis enhancer, ideal as it can prevent androgen overload and stop saturation.


Titan xl is a formula that is completely natural non hormonal that in studies was as effective as adactrim in creating penis growth.

This formula contains

Forskholi , this 40% extract lowers cortisol and enhances androgen regulation.

Icarrin , this 80% extract helps with erections and localised igf.

7 keto dhea enhances sperm count. Motortbility, and improves blood flow

Ginger extract combined with clove oil increases blood flow and erection health

Hyralaunic acid 10% improves skin quality and softens collagen.


4 drops twice a day

20ml bottle

2 reviews for Titan xl

  1. Jonas

    Very good natural product I never come off.

  2. Claire

    I’m a ftm and love this product along with clit grow , has really helped so much.


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