Dht heptanoate

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Dht heptanoate 10ml x 200mg per ml

An amazing anabolic addition forget dhb it’s got nothing on dht!

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Dht heptanoate 10ml x 200mg a ml

Use 100mg every 3 days for best results in muscle hardness, muscle strength, fat loss and masculine side effects like a more defined jaw, beard, and musculature.


This rips the physique and proves huge boost in strength , endurance and libido

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2 reviews for Dht heptanoate

  1. Marcin

    Really outstanding results , 10 week cycle and lost 13lbs of fat and gained 9lbs of muscle and no sides . Definitely my favourite .

    Delivered very quickly to the states!!

  2. Paulo

    I love this best inject on the market by miles.

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