Bmp7 Grow taller.



Bmp7 Grow taller

This is an advanced composition containing the extremely potent bmp7, bmp5, and human relaxin .


When combined these ingredients promote bone growth vertically.

This is suitable for those who are still growing and those who have finished growing.

However specialised placement can increase shoulder width.


This course contains 5 x vials.


Reconstitute a vial with ba water. Use 2 ml

Inject 1 ml into your left quad muscle just above the knee into the muscle.

And do the same with the other 1ml left over in the vial into your right knee.

Do this for 5 days in a row.

Keep calories high and take mk677 and a calcium supplement to improve results.

Stretching is recommended and swimming regularly,  growth happens over the next 6 months.

Ideally do 2 courses in succession for best results.

Do not do more than 4 courses in 1 year.


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