Titan Dht gel is the missing link for penis growth, I see week after week people buying pills for penis growth,  they always contain the usual suspects, moon bean, maca root, horny goat weed, zinc etc and others, well lets see.

2 inches in one month is one claim, Become a stud in bed another, Satisfy her all night is yet another claim, with a before and after picture where the penis has grown 4 inches in just a few months.

These are basically Test boosters with a tiny amount of nitrogen retaining additives.

The Deer velvet antler etc does NOT boost GH, these supplements get broken down by the liver. If Penis size was related to testosterone, bodybuilders with superphysiological amounts of Testosterone would have huge organs, instead often they just have huge libidos and an average size penis.  Tablets do not work for penis growth, DHT taken orally does not work for Penis growth, it gets broken down by the liver and offers nothing after this takes place.

Next we come to the scam imititations of our TITAN DHT GELS,  these products are sold as TITAN gel, but sold on ebay, amazon, and other websites in a black bottle most of the time with fancy packaging. This is a herbal version of the tablets we spoke of earlier and again it offers nothing other than slight vasolidation. Real TITAN DHT GEL is ONLY SOLD on our website WWW.RUSSIANSTARPEPTIDES.COM

Every day I get guys saying they bought Titan gel and it didn’t work, I’m like well you didn’t buy it from us so where did you get it? Ebay or some Russian website is the usual answer. If you didn’t buy it from us, don’t moan about it.

So how do you use TITAN DHT GEL for gains.

Firstly it is not instant, and everyone has different amounts of androgen receptors and these get saturated at different speeds, until a large amount of saturation takes place you will NOT grow. This can take up to 8 weeks or even longer.

Secondly, after application of TITAN DHT gel,  you need to stretch for at least 10 minutes once it has dried, it dries very fast so that isn’t an issue. This is because TITAN DHT also softens the collagen and fascia allowing for greater growth from this second angle.

How long does a bottle of Titan last.

TITAN DHT GEL is a 20ml bottle and used at 2 drops 2 x every day will last about 9 weeks.

Should I buy more than one bottle.

Buying one bottle will give you no gains , the gains start as the first bottle is finishing.

Should I cycle TITAN DHT GEL?

Yes DHT stops working after a while and its affects of drying your out, fat loss etc and muscle hardening along with penis growth will stop, we suggest running it for 16 weeks and taking 2 weeks off.

What strength should I start at?

Those who are 18-20 should start with Titan 12 dht, and those on hrt looking for a libido boost. Or those looking for beard growth or gyno reduction can start with this concentration.

Titan 20/35 AND 50 are for those looking for Penis gains, and the side effects of raised DHT levels.


Yes despite some very odd forum posts either by those uneducated in biochemistry or the effects of DHT you will see we are a sponsor on Professional muscle, and we have superb reviews.

We got slated on pegym and another penis forum after refusing to sponsor the forum after someone unassociated with us decided to do a log.

Proof is in the pudding, and we get many loyal customers and many reviews by users. Your money is safe with us and we always send your product with discretion and with tracking so you can follow the package.

WWW.RUSSIANSTARPEPTIDES.COM is where you need to be if you really want to grow the length and girth of your penis.

We sell caverject and mk677 2 very useful and real tools in helping increase Penis length.

If you have any questions please email us


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30/09/2018 17:13

I’ve never heard of MK677 used for PE, ive only seen it used for muscle and strength gains. Can you please explain how it can be used for PE? Thanks!

24/12/2018 17:48

Received DHT 35% today. Fast reply to questions. Very good and fast delivery in stealth packaging. Have just used before writing this review. Will keep up to date as per progress. Very happy so far.

06/03/2020 01:56

Ive just received my DHT 50% start with two drops per day to start then Ill work my way up …I will keep you all updated as to my progress

Does the DHT gel work for erections too?

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