Zoof Anti acne skin care treatment (with tranexamic acid)

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Zoof Anti-acne skin care treatment

New formula!

Using the power of tranexamic acid to lighten scars, lesions, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and other issues caused either by uv light, hormones or anabolics, considered to be the best product for skin lightening.

This is another in our amazing RSP beauty line,Zoof anti acne skin care treatment, so powerful that it shrinks pores immediately , using new ingredients never before found together, all contained in our amazing carrier gel.

Tranexamic acid 5%

Mandelic acid 6%

Niacin (active

skin clarifying matrix including

ghk , nac ( plus 2 brand new peptides)



This is the future, amazing hair, and now perfect flawless skin.

It reduces scars by up to 60% melasma and hyper pigmentation by up to 80% large pores and freckles up to 80% And it can even be used suffering with rosacea. Be prepared to be amazed, and also to get a lot of compliments on your refined even glowing skin.


Apply to the face 1 x per week for the first 2 week, then 3 x a week after. Never longer than 1 minute and wash off thoroughly.

Other areas back, chest etc, apply and leave for 5 mins before showering.

3 reviews for Zoof Anti acne skin care treatment (with tranexamic acid)

  1. starfire700

    This product looks great. I’m going to get it an order soon and do a before and after. Hopefully you can keep some in stock 🙂

    Also what happened to boobz cream? I think it was a great product its just you have to market it in a way females would purchase it.

    • russianstar

      The boobz cream was a great product but I wasn’t happy with the formula or the cost so I removed it.

  2. Albert

    Wow had bacne for 2 years with persistent dry skin, flaking itching, looked red all the time, I used zoof 2 days running and the skin transformed, it was clear and without the flakey skin, 3 weeks now and using just 2 x a week, this has completely transformed my back, if you are a steroid user with bad bacne please look at this product. Yet another innovative and amazing RSP product, thank you guys!!!

    Albert c Teven

  3. Adam

    I have written 2 reviews for this online, one on your promuscle thread one on reddit honestly the single best skin product for roiders, I use it 2 x a week on my face with amazing results, and 3 x a week on my chest and shoulders, in 12 years of steroid use my skin has never ever been this clear, even my pores have shrunk on my nose.
    Smells odd though , but hey who cares


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