Zoi RU58841 hair loss treatment

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Zoi RU58841 hair loss treatment

Combining the most powerful components, Ru58841, minoxidil plus others, Zoi is the strongest ever hair loss treatment to create a De-scaling, potassium channel opening , hair follicle revitalising, follicle strengthening product that is the worlds strongest and most up to date, using the greatest carrier technology available, our patent pending Derma matrix.

Those who suffer from hair loss from DHT related products or steroids will benefit from this as it causes no loss in libido, and increases hair regrowth even in the presence of Androgens.


Containing 30ml 1 serving = 1ml

Minoxidil 7%

Ru58841 15%

NAC 2%

Caffeine 8%

Copper peptide GHK

Silk aminos

And Epithalon/Epitalon 5%

Banana peel extract (BPEx  3%

This line up completes the most powerful hair treatment ever made.

This is the worlds most powerfull hair loss product.

Suitable for men and women, Zoi is taken from the greek work for life, and this product will bring life back to your scalp,

First it de-scales the scalp. Then it re-vitalises follicles, strengthens them, opens potassium Channels, and blocks androgens.

NAC even protects the scalp and follicles from sun damage.


Leave it on your scalp OVERNIGHT, This will allow it to work correctly.

Why did we add RU58841?

RU58841 is a specific androgen receptor antagonist or a so called anti-androgen. This non steroidal topical androgen antagonist was investigated for therapeutic value in androgenetic alopecia and acne. In studies and clinical trials RU58841 has shown to;

  • Strongly compete against DHT
  • Increase cellular replication rate in the matrix cells
  • Increase cellular proliferation of outer root sheeth cells
  • Increase hair diameter and hair density
  • Increase the percentage of hair in the anagen phase
  • Exert no negative effect on body hormone levels
  • Provide equivalent or better net growth than Finasteride

RU58841 works by binding to the androgen receptor in the hair follicle. Therefore androgens don’t have the chance to bind and start the chain reaction of androgenetic alopecia and begin the so called miniaturization process. It has been demonstrated to interrupt this hair loss message locally so that normal hair growth could continue.

We have made a stable product that can be used over and over not just that but we don’t just allow the follicle to grow, we help the follicles come back to life.

This is set to make new ground in the battle against hair loss. Try our new product Zoi for your hair and see and feel the difference.


All bottles are now 20ml with a higher concentrate.




7 reviews for Zoi RU58841 hair loss treatment

  1. lee

    I was a beta tester, I’m lee from the uk, I suffered with thin hair for about 2 years since a test and tren cycle.
    My hair isn’t fully restored, but its much thicker and lots of new growth, I used it for about 6 weeks and the first 6 weeks were amazing, then suddenly my hair started falling out , loads of it!
    I was really alarmed, R.S informed me it was the follicle cycle and that to get thicker the old hair had to shed, now I’m on my 7th month of the original formula and my hair hasn’t been this good since I was about 25, I’m 30 now.
    I’m hoping another year and the hair will be as I was supposed to have and il be able to sustain the growth with 1 or 2 treatments a week.
    Wish me luck!!

  2. A. patsno

    Bro I know you cant package because of laws etc but that’s your only mark down.
    Ive been using this 10 days, seeing my shedding speed up as expected, it drys in fast and no residue, I have had no drop in libido, actually the opposite I keep getting hard boners, another thing ive seen is my skin looks better so is that a side?

  3. cybrsage

    I have been using for about 6 weeks now and my bald spot on the top of my head is now covered in hair. Nothing as thick as the rest of the hair on my head, but still there is a nice thin layer of hair growing. I am going to use for another 6 weeks and see where that takes me, but so far it is amazing!
    It dries VERY fast, which is a plus, and is easy to apply provided you hold a mirror in one hand, the treatment in the other, and use the bathroom mirror as well (how else can you see the bald spot on your head?).

    • Russianstar

      This is great bro, we are seeing some great reviews online similar to yours, please keep us updated.

  4. starfire700

    I know it says for hair. Would it be possible to use this on the face for facial hair. Would there be any negative side effects?

    • russianstar

      You would need titan 20 to cause androgenic hair growth, not zoi as thats an anti androgen.

  5. kinshou.kuma

    Can you use this while using Titan ? or will they nullify each other.

  6. H.Z

    My results were posted here, they don’t actually do it justice.

  7. shyynee

    TO H.Z,your link doesn’t work.where can i see your results?

    • h.z

      facebook, on their facebook page

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