rhIGF-1+ pgf2a+ ace083 LOCAL MUSCLE GROWTH 10MG

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rhIGF-1+ pgf2a+ ace083 Localised muscle growth 10mg

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Say good by to lagging body parts forever. It is a special time to be a bodybuilder. With the advent of PGF2a as a localized anabolic agent along with the newly available rhIGF-1 which has also been shown to build muscle where you want it, the future for genetically challenged bodybuilders looks bright indeed. A brief refresher course on locally injected IGF-1. Non-exercised muscle, when injection with 0.9 – 1.9 micrograms/kg/day of rhIGF-1 was shown to mimic the effects of physically loading the muscle. Much the same effect PGF2a but by different mechanisms. With local IGF-1 injections there is an increase in protein content, cross sectional area and DNA content. The increase in muscle DNA is presumed to be a result of increased proliferation and differentiation of satellite cells which donate their nuclei upon fusion with damaged or hypertrophying muscle cells. Take note that the quantities of IGF-1 needed are extremely small, much smaller than studies that have shown relatively poor results from administering IGF-1 systemically which range from 1.0 to 6.9 milligrams/kg/day.

Now add PGF2a to the mix and whalla! You can virtually mimic the mechanical stimulus of training without even picking up a weight. You have PGF2a to accelerate short term protein synthesis by activating ribosomes and/or eIFs and thereby translation, as well as IGF-1 to activate satellite cells to bind and donate additional nuclei to boost the amount of mRNA to be used by the ribosomes. Because the mechanism of action is different, the two compounds should compliment each other delivering results beyond what either one alone could produce.

The potential with our new product exclusive to RSP labs is massive, Hulk can literally smash the barriers away.


11 reviews for rhIGF-1+ pgf2a+ ace083 LOCAL MUSCLE GROWTH 10MG

  1. ray

    Just bought this and waiting now for its arrival, this is a firstof its kind for any of you guys who don’t know about rhigf-1 its the most anabolic version of igf ever.

  2. hugh

    This works, ive added 2 cm to my biceps in 3 weeks.

  3. walkerkp82

    If injected directly into the penis, will it work for penis enlargement?

    • russianstar

      I wouldn’t suggest doing that, it might be very painful, but its a muscle and can grow so yes.

  4. tom

    Been using this for 3 months post workout, I have added an inch on my arms now.


  5. ME

    This new version that’s not pre reconstituted is much better, really liking this.

  6. mario.forster

    One question.
    How is the exact threatment?
    So I am 94 kg * 1.9 = 178.9 micrograms. What is the daily injection size?
    The injection I can place in the buttocks or tigh like testosteron, am I right?

  7. ceobrie

    Here is my report…

    Experimental conditions:
    1. Literature on ace083 shows injections were spread out over the course of 3 months.
    2. I split my vial into 6 doses.
    3. My plan was to take one dose every 2 weeks for the experiment to last for almost 3 months (as it was in the literature). Dosage has been taken week 0 (when it arrived), week 1 (I got over excited and did another injection), week 3 and week 5 (yesterday from the time of this review). I have two more doses left for week 7 and week 9.
    4. The literature also used multiple injection sites (usually three or four) to spread out the dose more through the muscle. I chose three injection sites in both biceps meaning each separate injection is 1/36th of the entire vial (1/6th dose, 2 biceps, 3 injection sites each).
    5. Measurements have been taken 1 day after injection while pumped from arm workouts and flexed. Both the first measurement and the measurement today were under the exact same conditions – same supplements (pre-workout NO supplement, pre-workout “pump” supplement, same exact exercises). The future measurements will also be done under the exact same conditions.

    Day 1 (i.e. 1 day after initial injection)
    Left arm – 17.6 inches
    Right arm – 18 inches

    Today (1 day after 4th injection, day 35)
    Left arm – 17.75 inches
    Right arm – 18.25 inches

    I have been noticing that my biceps feel much harder than usual even on the days leading up to another injection. After the injections, my biceps feel sore for about two hours – feeling more similar to working out until they are cramped rather than working out until exhaustion. I did not measure after the second and third injections. I will do so after the last two injections and report back. I do not expect much more growth, but am still really happy with ~1/4 inch in each arm.

  8. ceobrie

    Update day 49:

    I was trying to take some pictures to send to russianstar. It is really hard to get a quick legible picture of a tape measure on your arm while flexing right after a hard workout. I gave up after a few attempts. I couldn’t concentrate on the tape measure, the flex and the camera all at once. I’ll try again next time 🙂

    Day 1 (i.e. 1 day after initial injection)
    Left arm – 17.6 inches
    Right arm – 18 inches

    Day 35 (1 day after 4th injection)
    Left arm – 17.75 inches
    Right arm – 18.25 inches

    Day 49 (1 day after 5th injection)
    Left arm – 18.13 inches
    Right arm – 18.38 inches

    I wasn’t expecting to have any more gains. I wasn’t really surprised, though, with how my arms felt. There was a tightness after my workout today that. It feels like they need a deep tissue massage. I would suspect after a nice massage, my arms might measure even bigger. I’ll have to figure out a good way of doing that without hurting myself.

    I have a wedding to go to in two weeks. I might not be doing my last injection until day ~68. I’ll add another review whenever that is.

  9. ceobrie

    Update day 78 (one day after 6th injection – last one):

    With travel and life I just didn’t have a chance to do the last injection so it wound up being 4 weeks later.

    Day 1 — 35 — 49 — 78
    Left arm 17.6 — 17.75 — 18.13 — 18.13
    Right arm 18 — 18.25 — 18.38 — 18.38

    The measurements were actually a little bit more today than what I listed. I just couldn’t hold a flex after the workout to get an accurate measurement. I was able to get a picture of my right arm and I am sending it to RSP for verification. In the picture, it is greater than 18 and 3/8, but not quite 18 and a half. Even then, the pic shows that the tape is tight (meaning it should be even more). I am very happy with the results overall.

    A little more about me so that all of you can make an accurate prediction of your own results: I am 6’5″ (1.96 meters) and ~260 pounds (118 kg). I have around 20% bodyfat. I’m not an athlete or anything, but have an OK amount of muscle tone. My bone structure is on the larger size – my wrist circumference is over 8 inches (>20 cm). So do not think that my 18 inch arms look like they are bodybuilder sized. Considering my frame – large wrists, large elbows and long arms – my biceps actually look small in comparison. People usually tell me that I look to be around 190 pounds 🙁

    Keep all of that in mind when judging my results. This is the first “gear” that I’ve ever tried and I am closer to an average guy than to an athlete. Right now, my arms are noticeably larger than they have ever been – at least to me. I will definitely be trying ace-083 again in a few months.

  10. ceobrie

    May 7th was the last injection of round 1. I wanted to give it a good 6 months between cycles to test it again. My first dose for round 2 was two weeks ago (day 288 from the initial starting point). I did two injection spots in each bicep – one at each end. I did the second dose yesterday (day 303). This time I did three sites space out across the middle of the bicep. I worked out around an hour later, but my arms were seriously cramping up. That is an expected side effect of ace-083 since it mimics a heavy load on the muscle. Today they were feeling better so I tried working out again. It was a great workout – my arms felt amazing the entire time. I managed to go until exhaustion on most of the exercises. I decided to measure them today:

    Day 1 (start of round 1)
    Right: 18.0 inches (45.7 cm)
    Left: 17.6 inches (44.7 cm)

    Day 78 (end of round 1)
    Right: 18.38 inches (46.7 cm)
    Left: 18.13 inches (46.4 cm)

    Day 304 (1 day after 2nd dose of round 2)
    Right: 18.5 inches (47.0 cm)
    Left: 18.25 inches (46.4 cm)

    I am using the same supplements as before and the same exercises from the first cycle. One thing I failed to mention in the first cycle reviews was an increased appetite a couple of hours after the injections. I still felt that same side affect yesterday. Maybe next dose I’ll go out to lunch at a buffet and see if that makes a difference.

    Happy Holidays RSP and anybody else reading this 🙂

    • russianstar

      amazing bro, please keep posting.

  11. ceobrie

    I ended cycle two yesterday. I should have realized that there would be some loss in volumn and didn’t have enough to do a 6th shot. Here are some stats over the course of two cycles in inches:

    date right left
    02/19/18 18 17.6 (beginning)
    05/08/18 18.38 18.13 (end of cycle 1)
    12/04/18 18.38 18.00 (start of cycle 2)
    01/03/19 19.00 18.50 (midway through cycle 2)
    02/08/19 19.25 18.88 (end of cycle 2)

    Overall I have gained 1.25 inches (3.18 cm) on my right arm and 1.28 inches (3.26 cm) on my left. Other than the hunger and soreness on the day of the shots, I have not encountered any other side effects. I am quite pleased with these results and will be trying another cycle in a few months. I might need a fourth or fifth cycle to reach 20 inches, but it will be totally worth it!

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