Re-Boot (SURGE)

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Re-Boot (SURGE) is our brand new product that offers testicular recovery similar to that of hcg , you literally apply it to your testicles after or during use of Titan, or in pct or on cycle with AAS.


7,8 benzoflavone ( boosts l-h and increases testosterone while stimulating the testicles)

Atiparinos benotrosticase (Unique isolated extract stimulates testicles exclusive to us)

7-keto (lowers cortisol, increases fat loss and increases sperm motility and health plus balances estrogen )

This unique product Surge is the first of 2 new products we are developing and is also incredibly safe and effective.

Apply 2 drops every day in the AM and PM to the testicles only.

One bottle lasts about 45 days.

Comes in a liquid formula .


10 reviews for Re-Boot (SURGE)

  1. max

    Been excited to try this so I just ordered love all your products!

  2. HankMoody980

    I read that it stimulates LH and testosterone but what about FSH?

  3. T.J

    2 Weeks in so a quick update.
    Increased libido, stamina, improved erections, nice feeling of well being. Testicles are coming back nice and full after complete shutdown. very impressed thus far.

  4. HankMoody980

    Hi TJ, please write me at, i I’d like to talk to you about a few things about this product.
    Thank you so much.

  5. HankMoody980


  6. area1255x

    Restores balls more than hCG + hMG. Never used anything like this! I’ve been on multiple cycles, even hard ones. I’ve used every PCT known to man. This one blows them all out of the Water! Increases load size and mental Energy to an extreme extent.

  7. Vaughn Washington

    I am here to confirm that this is legit, I have noticed an increase in well-being the first day I used this stuff. I’m currently on day 4 and I feel it building up (takes 7-10days to really feel it) … I will keep y’all posted in time. Also thanks once again Russian Star for the customer service..may we continue doing business.

  8. Vaughn Washington

    Also I forgot to say it arrived in less than a week.

  9. danielvieirarodrigues

    Can I use this product whilst taking Titan DHT 50 Pro so my natural testosterone doesn’t get shutdown?

  10. k.pemberton

    Very good product, works well.

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