PGE1 Caverject Alprostadil CAPRODIL

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PGE1 CAVERJECT is a prostaglandin with very powerful vasodilator properties. It is widely investigated for treatment of erectile dysfunctions and other cardiovascular disorders. 400mcg.

This is for research only and is categorised as an investigational drug. Therefore it is legal to sell without a prescription.

Believed to be the very best compound to combine with Titan DHT GEL for PENIS ENHANCEMENT.


Formula: C20-H34-O5

Mol Mass: 354.481 g/mol



PGE1 Caverject, Alprostadil, Caprodil, Ethanolamide, prostaglandin E1

Physical Appearance:

Sterile Filtered Liquid Formulation.


Prostaglandin E1 has affinity with prostaglandin receptors.


>99.8% (HPLC analyzed).


Needs to be reconstituted


Store liquid lipid formulation at 4 °C. The liquid formulated lipid remains stable until the expiry date when stored at 4 °C.

Source: Chemical Synthesis


Product is prepared for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. The product may not be used for other purposes.

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5 reviews for PGE1 Caverject Alprostadil CAPRODIL

  1. nhaik

    Amazing product.. consistent results with every use..

  2. christian.cpowers

    No idea when or if I will get this product. No communication from Russian Star. Paid via bitcoins over a week ago but no update. Says one day shipping but obviously that is false

    • nick

      I go mine as advertised.

  3. mtrinidad

    Package came to America. Took a while. Potency dropped off very quickly even after I refrigerated it. I would love RP to consider sending it in dry format rather liquid so it can travel for two weeks and not lose potency. I would consider buying again but not in liquid form.

  4. Matt

    Does the job exactly as it should.
    Little hint to minimize pain and scaring, search what backloading a syringe is. Slin needles go dull fast, save your Willy the struggle.

  5. sherif2440

    i’m want to buy this but unsure of what form it comes in, in the description it says it needs to be reconstituted, one of the reviewers say its liquid, is it powder or liquid? it would certainly help if you have a contact email for your customers questions, if its in powder can someone help by explaining what is it supposed to be reconstituted with ?

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