HADES Transdermal fat burner

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Advanced carrier matrix
50mg of DNP

Serving size 0.5ml
Servings 60


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We are proud to present HADES 


(Legal disclaimer, as an investigational research product with no category as this has never before been done Hades is under no e.u law and is completely legal)

The worlds most powerful fat burner HADES harnessing the fat destroying power of DNP in a safe topical fat burner.
If you want to get chisseled and ripped then this product will cut you up. Where HADES  transdermal DNP is applied it will dice you up, burning fat through its patent pending transdermal technology, all without the side effects associated with dnp.

This doesn’t have any scientific backing to show it produces localised effects, but some are seeing that through proper application.

Women seem to be really enjoying the benefits of using Hades, as they are not getting the terrible sides, you cannot overdose, it helps with hunger, it provides 64 hours of fat burning from one application.

A recent study showed the original idea that it had a 36 hour half life orally has been confirmed as wrong and topically it looks like its affects last closer to 64 hours.

The effects of hades are systematic , and they will build over time as DNP is absorbed easily through the skin, I do not recommend using more than 6 pumps daily to prevent DNP building up to a dangerous level.

Bro science users on forums suggest this cant work, but results are showing it works very well, that’s why they are on forums and not pioneering the industry, remember broscience isn’t a degree , its the opportunity to profess your knowledge without anything to back it up.

If you have questions please email an actual scientist

Apply a squirt 2 or 3 times a day, and cover as large an area of your body as possible.

The product dries after 5 minutes, do not let it get into contact with clothing. It wont stain skin but please wash hands after use.

Ingredients HADES


Advanced carrier matrix
50mg of D.N.P per o.5ml


Serving size 0.5ml


This product is strictly for use in adults , be warned the fat burning effects are extremely powerful and can be very dramatic.

This product is a world exclusive to

17 reviews for HADES Transdermal fat burner

  1. terrance pro bb

    Been using this for 2 weeks, the best product ive ever used for defining my six pack, love it, I’m using this with titan to look harder, but crazy thing is this is yellow but it doesn’t stain!! you are a science whizz bro.

  2. evan

    Woah, , this is cutting me up like no other and no sides!! like wtf?

  3. chief

    I just made my second purchase from Australia, love this product so much.

  4. Stanis

    Does what I expected, burns fat without the awfull dnp sides, and it doesnt stain!

  5. Bobby

    Hey man, I worked out if I cover all my stomach I’m getting a much better effect, it seems to be really cutting up my abs now, no bad sides yet, and down 2lbs this week no dieting. I love that its like this, can use it all the time, and anyone who bashes this, what a bunch of dumbass idiots, you are pushing the industry forwards my man

  6. Brian

    I used this at 1ml every morning for a month which is 100mg, sometimes 1.5ml=150mg. After a month no results. Im not bashing any of RussianStars products at all!! I used Titan and that stuff works! Just an honest reveiw. Works for some, not for others. Maybe I’ll try the orals when he makes them.

    • russianstar

      I am sorry to hear that bro, maybe upping the dose you might see better results, have you seen no tightening , anything?

  7. jeff

    I am just using this continually, as it doesn’t have any sides, love this product, and also love the fact it gets sent stealth, cant wait to try your other products,.

  8. lISA

    I like it, working well now 2 months in, ready for my hols!! woop

    Lisa , CARDIFF UK

  9. brandon

    Very pleased with this so made my 3rd order.


  10. Ferdinand

    Thank you for making the most amazing products on the internet! Love Hades!

  11. mark_leembruggen

    Bought 2 bottles of this. Came through to Australia (customs is very strict) in record time.
    Was worried that it would stain my skin so i started off with a small patch and so happy that after allowing it to absorb the yellow colour can be showered off.

    • Russianstar

      Really glad that you got everything ok my friend. And thank you for your review from Australia

  12. fatty

    Thank you for this product, it works very well.

  13. francis

    Stumbled upon this site by accident and ive now made 8 orders, always arrive and every product has been great, I was sceptical of Hades, but its been a godsend, brilliant product, I cant believe how cheap it is.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. johnnytaylor973

    How many drops from the bottle should I be using per application? Thanks

  15. Anthony

    I was very skeptical of this product at first, 1. being I had never used DNP in any form, 2. I always heard it was ineffective topically. However, I decided to give it a try and noticed an immediate hardening and tightening of the skin where applied even after just two uses. I am definitely going to be stocking up on this stuff before it is gone for good!

  16. area1255x

    Only a week in & already noticing significant toning, Abs are showing more and feel more Awake & Energized.

  17. Tracey chicago

    As a fitness model I have used a few transdermal products and this is in the top 2, I found this better than helios for fat loss and really brought out my stirations.
    Thank you for another amazing product.

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