BMP-7 Height formula.

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Bmp7 proven to make you grow just read the reviews, LAST 3 courses IN STOCK as this has been bought off us, get it while you can.

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Bone morphogenetic protein 7

Bone morphogenetic protein 7 or BMP7 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the BMP7 gene. This gene allows for bone growth, The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the TGF-? superfamily. Like other members of the bone morphogenetic protein family of proteins, it plays a key role in the transformation of mesenchymal cells into bone and cartilage. It is inhibited by noggin and a similar protein, chordin, which are expressed in the Spemann-Mangold Organizer. BMP7 may be involved in bone homeostasis. It is expressed in the brain, kidneys and bladder
We have developed an injectable prototype that can be injected near the bone to increase height and bone length.
This is for research purposes only and we do not accept any responsibility for the outcome or height increases that you may see.
considered TO BE THE ONLY EFFECTIVE and true way to increase bone length.
Gains of between 3cm and 4inches can be seen even after plates have closed due to the ability to soften the bone allowing more growth.
This product is exclusive to WWW.RUSSIANSTARPEPTIDES.COM
50 iu 5 vials containing 10 IU
Bone morphogenetic protein-7 , osteogenic protein (OP-1)
100UG Recombinant Human bmp-7 (lypholised) 99.8% purity
bmp-2 noggin inhibiting glycoprotein  20UG for growth plate unlocking. 99.6% purity
Human  relaxin plasma 99% purity
All are amplified and cultured via Ecoli
Dosing, inject 1 vial 5 days running via intra-articular injection( THIS IS THE AREA THAT HAS BEEN RESEARCHED AS FROM THIS AREA the Epiphyseal cartilage is reached and that’s the area you want to grow.
Despite scare mongering studies are showing this is completely safe.
Suggested use 27 gauge needle on a 1ml syringe.
The reason this is suggested, is because its the only way that has been effective , sprays, transdermals, etc cannot work, its structure is too fragile, and it wont pass the epidermis.
This also cannot be done in a systematic way, it has to be localised as all skeletal bones could be effected if the body is flooded with Bone proteins. Also Noggin inhibiting protein is the one true inhibiting protein of growth plates
Sterile saline solution is needed for reconstitution and each vial must be used straight away one its reconstituted.
2 courses should be ran 6 months apart ideally 2 years consecutively for best results.
This is the protocol and suggested use by true experts in the field, not ambitious forum members or those interested in making a product to just make money.
Best areas for injection are the femur.
Please check the prices for BMP-7 online and you will see the prices are very reasonable.
Bulk buys available.
We are not promoting this product on other sites other than where we sponsor, please do not copy and paste links where you can buy this product as it causes us legal issues, only offer links to the site or product in private messages.
Not everyone will believe this can work and I do not want to rile people who do not.
Kindest regards.
Now Available
C.O.A coming soon
Last 3 batches available as this product design has been bought from us. we will never be re producing this exact same product.

34 reviews for BMP-7 Height formula.

  1. Deshawn

    Ive just bought this, As I know the site is legit, hoping for some height gains currently 170cm.
    I will let everyone know how it goes,shipping was super fast.

    De shawn u.s

  2. T

    DeShawn, what is your email?

  3. sharkmethis2001

    Hey RussianStar,

    I sent you an email to Orders@Russianstarpeptides.Com

    I would like a reply, thanks.

    • Russianstar

      I will look for it now

    • Russianstar

      Did you get my reply bro

  4. ROD

    Product arrived, don’t like that its not labelled but I understand, also great customer service

    Peace, Rodrick, if this works il buy about 50 of them.

  5. Dan

    Did my first injection last night, bit sore today I injected into the knee joint as recommended in studies ive read, will follow the consecutive day protocol and then feed my body the calories it needs to grow.

  6. DAN

    Hi Dan here again, I followed the protocol and injected consecutively, I’m getting aching in my bones,eating 5.5k calories a day as you suggested, my knee has stopped hurting, I did 5iu in my right and 5 iu in my left knee each day and now I’m stretching on an inversion table, I’m 5.4 so I’m really hoping over the next few months I grow.
    Thank you for doing this I know how expensive these raws are.


  7. DAN

    Bro this is legit, I measure every morning using a digital measurement with a laser reading. same place its all set up so I stand and my height is projected onto my phone.
    164.4CM every day for the last 2 years, 164.9 CMtoday!! I hadn’t measured since sunday!!!!!! You have made me go crazy here!!! if I get a cm out of this I will buy your whole company!!!! looooooolll

  8. T

    Congratulations DAN. Keep it up.

    Did you happen to use any GH releasing peptides while you were at it? How old are you? Are you already past the puberty age?

    • DAN

      To T
      I followed the protocol RS set up for me that I paid for in a consultation, I’m 29.

      Best regards DAN

  9. starfire700

    To Dan

    How much did your bulk supply cost?

    • Dan

      Bulk supply of what?

  10. cactusbro94

    To Dan

    Any updates on your height gains? It’s been a few months now

    • Dan

      its been just over 1 month and I just posted my latest results.

  11. Dan

    Dan here 165.7cm as of today so I’m growing there is no doubt, hungry constantly.

  12. rogerhasgotit

    To dan, it’s crazy bro you are growing !! finally giving me some hope, do you have any skype or email where we can talk ??

  13. rogerhasgotit

    Just received this today, i will let you know my results guys
    I m 20yo so i m hoping for some substantial growth

  14. rogerhasgotit

    to dan any updates ?

  15. K

    I bought this 3 months ago and after measuring every day I was still 170cm, I stopped measuring 3 weeks ago, anyway I went for my physical with the army on Thursday, they gave me my weight and height, I looked about 6 times at the paper as it didn’t register, but it said there on my results 171.1 cm.
    I went home used my measure and it read 171cm, I hadn’t even noticed that I had grown, so I put my smart trousers on I had tailored and they ride a tiny bit high on my shoe!!

    Now I am measuring every day again and back to being obsessed.


    • Dan

      IM CATCHING YOU!! I’m at 170 now bro!

      Ive heard its possible to be a non responder?

  16. tcristovao

    Is this legit? Can this really work for someone with 29 yo?

    • russianstar

      it potentially can work no matter what age you are within reason.

  17. russianstar

    Hi guys, I’m seeing this product being copied and pasted onto other websites, please feel free to talk about this product but I’m seeing people claiming ridiculous gains in clavicle width etc, claims like this make my product look like its a scam, when its cost over 50k of money invested into it.
    If you want to post please do not use my website link publicly, thank you all.


  18. rogerhasgotit

    it’s been 40 days now and i did not grow a single millimeter,

    • russianstar

      Hi bro, exactly its only been 40 days, its probably barely working yet.

  19. rogerhasgotit

    yes … i am waiting patiently ! i will let you know what will come next

  20. tcristovao

    rogerhasgotit please keep us updated! Best of luck

  21. rogerhasgotit

    how tall did you grow deshawn ?

  22. rogerhasgotit

    anyone who has grown with this could give an email or skype so that we can talk, i am losing hope again

  23. rogerhasgotit

    ok four months now and no growth at all
    i don’t think i will ever grow with this

    • russianstar

      This is the issue we face when providing a new product to the market. I am sorry but as bmp-7 continues to work for upwards of 12 months I wouldn’t lose hope just yet.

    • russianstar

      you just told me via email you never completed the course.
      Wow bro… and you have the cheek to say it didn’t work and be emailing me constantly, it worked for everyone who completed the course.


    Finished my first course , already have aching in my shins and thighs, very excited to see the results from this.

    Person, austria


    Bought my second batch, will run in a months time.


  26. rogerhasgotit

    Hello guys and @russianstar , i am wondering whether the units of this in the description are micrograms or milligrams ?
    BMP7 100UG means 100 mg or 100 mcg ?

    thank you

    • Russianstar

      ug, its an exact measurement of its own.

  27. rogerhasgotit

    Please submit your evidence of 1.5cm growth to


    • russianstar

      Sorry we cannot approve outrageous claims of growth without actual evidence.

  28. striptisizer

    Can this product be used for cartilage regrowth?

    I am very tall so i dont need to increase my height, but the cartilage in my knee joints is very very thin whhich causes pain and inability to train lower body.

    Any studies confirming cartilage growth?

    • russianstar

      bmp2 has been used for cartilage regrowth, there are a few studies on pubmed about this, alternatively you could combine aflutop with this formula but dosing protocol would be completely different.

  29. james

    Hi I actually bought this for a different reason, I hope this can be considered, I have terrible jaw issues and read that bmp2 can help and is used by dentists, I had 7 teeth taken out and lost 40% of my bone density in my upper mandible and .lost my bite strength.
    I have been using this under my doctors supervision and on my last xray I have regained enough bone mass to have a new brace attached, the clicking is diminishing in my ear.

    So my question as I used to box is can boxers use this to strengthen their jaws or could this be maybe used outside the box for bone health where mineral deposits and bone strength has suffered?

    Thank you for the ridiculous amount of work you have into products, on a side note zoof has helped my back scarring.

  30. marcus

    I wasn’t going to write a review because I am disappointed at least severely disappointed until 2 weeks ago, I read James review and thought I might review my experiences, I only did 3 injections, because my knees ached so much I couldn’t train, I weigh 72 kg and I’m 180cm, not short but my family are all around 190.
    I suffer with weak bones and weak joints, I can fall and my bone with pop out or break. Well 2 weeks ago I fell off my bike and bruised my arms and back badly , but was surprised nothing seemed to break or pop out, suffering with shermans disease isn’t fun if you do fall or bang yourself.
    Anyway scans showed no breaks or damage, the doctor said that my bone density had improved, so he did some tests and its actually nearly normal in my forearms and hips which is where it was the worst.

    Not sure what to make of it but doubt its coincidence after reading James comment. I didn’t grow longer but ive strengthened up. Maybe more bmp7 less bmp2, I don’t know maybe it needs a change in concentration for height ?

    I have looked into this for some time and you are on the right track for sure as I know its done something to me.
    So ive given you 5 stars as a thank you because at the least not breaking a bone or hips popping out every time I fall is a huge bonus to quality of life.
    I hope people reading this get to see you are a legit force in our fight for height, I was against you , but now I’m supporting whatever you do in the future.

    Marcus, Germany.

    • Admin

      Very interesting to hear your comment. Thank you, its exciting to hear everyones reviews even if not what we hoped.

  31. Dada

    Ive grown 2.2 cm in 9 months, I’m 22, ive just bought another one thank you for helping me so much.

  32. Marcin

    i took only 1vial of this , and about 2 months later another vial. after 4 weeks after it measured and it was +0,5 cm. I am 33years old. during this time a took ghrp-2+cjc as well. Now i will take third vial + i got some GH so we will see what will happen

  33. saketha.kju

    First of all excellent customer service. I took 5 vials for 5 consecutive days 45 days back. I have been stretching sometimes but not regularly tbh. I plan to stick to more stretching from now on and eat properly. I injected in my knees and didn’t have pain as described by others(a couple of days right after injecting but not the next day) but after 30 days If I don’t stretch my legs, I have pain in my knees. Also while I was playing basketball I definitely feel my knee joints and bone around it softer. I have never done any steroids or injections before so was very skeptical about it. I have grown 3mm-6mm but not sure if it due to this or my back stretch from an inversion table. Also, I have been reading comments from DAN and he noted that he has been eating 5.5kcal a day. I feel like that is not true. I am on a 3k diet and to maintain that every day for 5’3” body is tough and he stated that he is 5’4″ on a 5.5kcal diet. I wish I could get more feedback from him. Also, it would be even better if RS mailed the people who have used this formula for the past two years and followed the protocol and provide their testimonials and success stories which would increase our hope as it is a long two-year process and bones take time to grow.

    Texas, USA

  34. glenn

    I think I was one of the first guys to buy this, I bought 2 courses and ran them 6 months apart as advised.
    First year i gained 0.3cm in height, remember im 39 now so i was kind of pleased but sad it wasnt more ovbviously.
    Second year i grew 1.6cm, and i am still growing though its minimal, i have also got broader in the shoulder area though all my injections were in the leg.
    Bringing you up to speed in 23 months since the first injection i have grown 2.5cm, my doctor doesnt realise i bought this stuff as he told me it cant work, i really feel if you could just tweak the formula maybe a little stronger this could be the best product on the market and change millions of lives.
    my email if you need me is im not going to give out my personal one but anyone who wants some help or encouregment please message me.
    All the best to my fellow friends trying to grow taller, it makes me sad people would ever suggest this is a scam, its expensive yes, but its really given me hope and im not arguing with over 2cm ! I am still growing.
    the biggest sceptic was myself, now im very much the biggest fan.


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