Fat burners and Anabolics

Fat burners and anabolics range

We offer a huge range of fat burning products and anabolics dependent of your goals.

Products to boost fat loss and stamina like Cardarine.

Products to suppress your appetite and increase metabolism like Clenbuterol and Ephedrine.

Products to add slabs of mass in a short period like Pheraplex, and products to aid you reach your goals like Gentropin and our specialised localised muscle growth formula hulk.

If you want sARMS including the brand new sARM sold only on Russianstarpeptides Growbol or igf, or AAS , look no further!

Every product has been tested and reviewed and is suitable for research purposes, we suggest you research in depth any product you are looking to buy, and can email us orders@russianstarpeptides.com for any questions related to the products.

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