Transdermal pge1

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Transdermal pge1

20ml bottle of transdermal pge1 , can be combined with any of the titan range or injectable pge1 to produce faster effects


please use 3 drops 1 x ed,  it will not cause instant erections when used topically but it will increase blood flow and it will increase growth, we suggest this as an intermediate product to combine with titan 20 or titan xl or even both.

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limited run to begin.

3 reviews for Transdermal pge1

  1. Jay

    Thank you for this . Makes my married life even better 🙂

  2. flaziblaz

    this stuff is fire! not like the injectable, it feels more like when you get a hard on right after using the injectable or when you were 14. great stuff.

  3. area1255x

    Definitely facilitated Growth, not sure exactly how much this accounted for total growth, but definitely seemed to amplify the effects of DHT/Titan 50.

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