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Titan 20 dht gel

Legal disclaimer. The dht used is dht heptanoate this is an investigational product purely for research use)

Exactly the same as Titan 12%m but TITAN 20% DHT GEL is our intermediate version. Full description is under titan 12

Titan dht gel. The missing link for Penis growth.

26 reviews for TITAN 20% DHT GEL

  1. bryan

    Just bought this to use on my gyno, as Titan I found was very effective, my thinking is this will be even better for gyno.
    Thanks again, top notch service and response from your CS, really fglad I found your site!

  2. Paul

    Thank you so much to Russianstar for bringing this out, really needed some DHT in my system as I suffer with all sorts of health issues, I had been paying 200$ a month for the pharma version, and its no where near as good as TITAN 20, I got my bloods back and my estrogen is lower than its ever been,. thank you one again for bringing this out.

    Paul. C.A

  3. Scott

    This product is great for a systematic increase in DHT, its helping my beard grow and I’m getting much tighter all over, thank you everyone.


  4. barny

    Bacne has increased, strength and libido is up, and best of all I have an increase in girth after 2 weeks, I was very sceptical as there are some fake penis gels about, but this is the real thing, great cs too!

    Barny, seattle.

  5. Lamont

    Can someone please tell me how I pay for this damn thing . They won’t send any instructions.

    • russianstar

      you have been sent instructions in 2 emails and you have replied to one of them.

  6. youngeaglebws

    Im on my fourth week using TITAN both 12 and 20%.
    I had low DHT symptoms before because of almost non existent chest hair and i could barely grow a full beard but since taking TITAN chest and beard hair starts to fill up. Also i had depression before now anxiety is much lower. Just for that TITAN is worth the money.

    I still experiment with doses, sometimes the recommended feels like bit weaker so i like to use more till it feels “right”.
    I like the rush of “feelgood” it gives. Good thing to note is that when im using higher doses im getting ringing in my ears.

  7. martin7811

    mam ten samy problém jako Lemont.nemohu odeslat platbu,protoze nevik kam.neposlali me zadne ?íslo u?tu a kod banky.

  8. bustymoose

    Been using 2 months now, I can see where the vascularization occurs. My erections have become stronger, harder, & more frequent. I am also cumming larger and more explosive amounts. It has made me hornier overall. Strength gains noticed when I would use it with working out.
    -Michael, Illinois.

  9. Adam

    This stuff is serious! I bought it to tighten up some residual tissue from a wicked case of gyno I got from gyno years ago before I knew WTF I was doing. After reading a little into it I thought, why not give the PE aspect of this formula a chance too.
    Seriously after just four weeks of using it, that old gyno tissue is dried up and dormant and my dick looks, feels and behaves like it did in my 20’s ( I’m 42 ). I’ve also noticed an overall leaning out effect throughout my entire body and I’m currently in a 450 cal surplus.
    Best use IMO… spread the love with this stuff but keep it off the scalp. The DMSO in the formula will give pronounced localized effects but the compound will also raise androgen levels systemically.
    Best topical product Ive found in years and the added wiener benefits are a huge plus!
    Russian Star, you guys killed it on this one!

    • Russianstar

      Thank you for your review, on your next order please email us and we will offer a discount to show our appreciation.

  10. Daniel

    This actually works!!
    Outstanding product and outstanding customer service.
    I had purchased a DHT gel from another company a few years ago but it was 4x the price and less than 5%.
    I started with the 12% and moved on to the 20% with my next purchase once I realised that this is the real deal!
    Keep up the good work !!

  11. alaintambue2007

    This guy is crazy, i paid him 100€ and he send me injection liquide, i don’t know what i get here

    • aaaaa

      Are you dumb, it says its a liquid gel, ive been using it for 8 months much better than the pharm crap I tested it 2 times all good, syringe dusnt even have a needle fool , it is to measure .

  12. laferrij

    OK just received my package. Did the first application yesterday. Observations: The liquid is clear and more of a liquid than a gel. No problem. Dried quickly with no apparent odor, as some have identified in the past. There is a noticeable an initial response for the applied area, no stinging or another feeling, just a bit of a loosening feeling in the area. About 20 minutes later, there was a feeling of a rush throughout the body, possibly a “T” rush, an overall out good feeling. As use continues, I will post more results. Overall things appear positive.

  13. ajbyrne4

    Russian Peptides is legit! I am a 4 time repeat customer. You will get your product in a timely fashion and not have to worry about being placed under the radar. Doe’s it work? Yes! I have gained 1/4″ in girth and length in 2 months. I have been doing PE enhancement for 3 yrs. I am 62 yrs. old male and would not be a repeat customer if it did not work. This is an absolute necessity while performing PE work. Thank You Russian Peptides!

  14. Matt

    Amazing product and amazing customer service. Don’t fall for the amazon balogna trying to ride off the Titan name, RussianStar is the real deal.
    Ok, now go give them your money and be happy!

  15. ceobrie

    I rate this 5 stars because Russianstar has helped me with a form of E.D. that I didn’t even realize that I had. The “bad” side effects were not horrible and are recovering back to normal after ending the cycle. The good side effects have stayed for at least 4 weeks after running out of DHT. That is the short version. If you want to see the long version, read on…

    Here are some side effects I have noticed:
    1. My blood pressure went up some. It didn’t go up into critical areas, but I did want to keep an eye on it. I generally get my blood pressure checked every 2-4 weeks. Normally, my blood pressure hovers around the 120/80 area. While on DHT, my BP rose to ~150/90. I ran out of DHT around 4 weeks ago. My BP 3 weeks ago was 120/80. Today my BP was 120/70. So it is not some drastic – earth shattering – side effect. But please be aware if you already have high blood pressure. Maybe do something to lower it before trying out DHT.

    2. Testicle shrinkage. I have never really paid much attention to the size of my balls. I believe they are bigger than average. My left one right now is somewhere around 45 ml. My right used to be around the same, though probably slightly smaller. After a few weeks on DHT, my right testicle shrank to around half of its original size. Now being off DHT for 4 weeks, my right testicle has started returning to normal. It is around 30 ml right now. This is a completely expected side effect. Any of the DHT reviewers saying that their balls grew are most likely lying. The common side effect of using androgens is testicle shrinkage. It wasn’t a big deal and it is returning to normal.

    3. Some body hair/beard growth. I have never been tested, but I believe that I suffer from low testosterone (or low DHT). My beard has always been patchy at best. I had maybe 10 hairs on my chest and zero on my stomach before this. I am not saying that I am a woolly mammoth now, but I have much more body hair than before. My beard has definitely filled in some. It is still patchy, but I have a little bit more of the common beard shape. My beard is getting close to touching my mustache (still ~1 cm away). I would guess I have maybe 50 hairs on my chest and maybe upwards around 50 hairs on my stomach now, though I haven’t counted. They are all patchy, too, but having any hairs is better than nothing 😀

    4. Hair loss. I did not have a ton of hair loss, but I am definitely a little bit thinner right above my temples. Nobody has even noticed. I only know because baldness runs in my family and I check regularly. The hairline has not receded – like I said it is just a little bit thinner at the corners.

    5. Preseminal fluid. I noticed about halfway through that I was producing more “pre-cum”. I would maybe get 1-2 drops if any at all before. Now I get 5+. Again, not an earth-shattering result. However, when you are in the situation of not having something, anything is better. I was a little confused about this at first. Upon greater research, there is a link between DHT and the Cowper’s glands (responsible for preseminal fluid).

    I didn’t have to write all of that, but I hope it helps someone when deciding on a purchase. I am super happy about the hair (definitely the gain, not too concerned about the loss). I also really like the increased preseminal fluid. So now that I went through all of that, let me get to what guys care about even more:

    I did not gain any noticeable length.

    I mean, possibly I gained a millimeter or two. It is certainly not these multi-centimeter gains that some reviewers are talking about. HOWEVER, I found out while on DHT that I have some slight form on erectile dysfunction. I was still able to get and maintain an erection, but my penis was somewhat squishy and flexible. A few weeks into using DHT, I noticed that I was much harder. My penis was – and still is 4 weeks after stopping – able to get hard enough that it cannot bend at all. Even though my length and girth gains are negligible, the increased rigidity make it look much bigger. When I see my erections now, I can swear that I have gained at least a centimeter, but the ruler does not agree. 🙂

  16. ceobrie

    Just to clarify, I have been doing P.E. for about 10 years. During that time (through exercises, stretching, and pumping), I have gained around 4 centimeters. Part of my erectile dysfunction is that when hard, I could only get up to around 4 o’clock. That was also something I never paid much attention to. After using the DHT, I am now around 3 o’clock. Upon reflection, doing P.E. through stretching, etc., meant I was increasing size while my body wanted to maintain the same amount of blood inside of my penis – meaning lower overall blood pressure. This lead to a softer erection that cannot fully “get up”. Maybe if I can get the blood pressure to my penis up some more I can both cure the E.D. and get some more gains. I am definitely going to purchase more DHT to find out 🙂

    Man, I can’t even imagine what my P.E. results would have been if I had known about DHT back then.

  17. mrvince9

    This is my 2nd DHT gel order. I first ordered the 12% gel and the results were good. I gained the thickness I wanted even in a flaccid state which was great. So when my first order ran out I ordered the 20% gel which is the next level up. For the first week I didnt get the rush feeling I got with the 12% or the expected results I had come to enjoy with the 12%. I did some research and it turned out that I was eating foods like tomatoes,watermelon and mangoes which are reported to inhibit DHT. A week after I stopped eating these foods I began to get more of the results from the 20% that I got from the 12%. I love this product! I may reorder the 20% again or maybe bump it up to a higher %. But in any strength this stuff is awesome!

  18. HankMoody980

    hello ceobrie very interesting your review.
    Can we contact us?
    I have some questions to ask you and some things to tell you about Titan DHT 20%.
    Please write to me at hankmoody980@gmail.com
    Thank you man.
    Even someone else who reads my post and used it write to me thanks.

  19. ceobrie

    Sorry Hank, I am not going to give out my contact information online. If you have specific questions, you can write them all in a comment here.

    I just started using Titan DHT Pro last week. My erection quality had continued all through November – around 8 weeks after stopping the use of DHT 20%. Now a few days after starting Pro, my erections are even stronger (much to my surprise). The amount of preseminal fluid has maybe doubled. I’ve even started seeing a few new hair follicles on my chest.

    One drawback for Pro that I hadn’t experienced with 20% is the vasodilation from PGE. I am a migraine sufferer and am very aware of blood vessel dilation and constriction. If I am wearing confining clothing within 2 hours of using Pro, I feel some discomfort from the level of blood being pumped. If I am not confined, I do not feel it. If I am doing a controlled priapism (read up on safe methods before trying it) to keep DHT within the shaft, I am also fine regardless of clothing.

    I still think DHT is great. I will write future thoughts/reviews of DHT Pro on that product page

  20. ohioyoopers

    I’m into my second week. Product is easy to use and does not have any odor. I am looking forward to positive results.My problem is the glass container the product arrived in was broken and leaked more than half the gel into/onto the foil wrapping. I sopped up as much as I could and actually rubbed the foil onto my sleeping member. I didn’t want to waste any. What can I do to obtain a replacement. Thanks!

  21. HankMoody980

    1 year ago I used Titan 12% for 7 weeks and my balls shrunk for many months.
    Now I would like to try Titan 20% but I don’t want to shrink my balls again.
    I would take HCG like 250IU EOD during Titan 20% to avoid this.
    If you want to contact me at hankmoody980@gmail.com we talk about this and other things.
    Thank you.

  22. ceobrie

    Hank, testicular shrinkage is a known side effect of test/DHT. I had mentioned in an earlier review that anybody stating that their testicles grew while on DHT is most likely lying. In my opinion, the shrinkage is an acceptable side effect given the benefits I have received from DHT. I am not currently taking anything to prevent it, but would consider the Re-Boot. Just be aware that any additional things you take would have their own side effects. For instance, androgen antigonists often have a side effect of enlarging the male prostate – which can lead to serious negative side effects. I think the testicular shrinkage is acceptable compared to the negatives you might face with other products meant to stop it.

  23. ceobrie

    Hank and anybody else: I just remembered something that I read a few months ago. DHT is reported to work just as well rubbing it into the lower stomach instead of directly on to the penis. I have not tested this method fully to see what the difference might be. However, I have begun alternating positions:
    Monday stomach
    Tuesday penis
    Wednesday stomach
    Thursday penis
    Friday stomach
    Sat/Sun day off

    Or something similar to that was two days a week on penis and the rest either on stomach or not at all. It does reduce the “tension” (if that is the right word to describe it) that I feel in my testicles while on DHT.

  24. HankMoody980

    Thank you ceobrie you’re very kind. I wish I could write to you, if you want to email me so we don’t fill the review boxes.
    How long have you been taking Titan DHT Pro?
    Have you seen any gains or sides so far?

  25. rhoward787

    I am research Doctor, graduated from a major university in the US. One of my areas of research and specialty is PE, I actively consult with students to assist them in optimizing their PE routines. I was made aware of Russianstarpeptides, and as a responsible scientist I researched the concept of DHT topical supplementation/application. Scientifically, during adolescence in the male, DHT is up-regulated as are the receptor sites to promote penis growth and body hair, etc. After adolescence DHT is down regulated as are the receptors. Therefore the hypothesis is that if you supplement with DHT you can once again trigger an up regulation affect, with a potential positive growth impact on the penis. I generally have a maintenance routine since I pretty much have reached my lifetime goals, but decided to judiciously apply the DHT DMSO 20%. Since October I’ve gained an additional ½ inch, and the DHT gel was the only variable. I have two students who so far gained one quarter of an inch, though there is one other variable with them. In conclusion, while this does not conform to the standards of medical school research, though the hypothesis is sound, my experience is definitely worth mentioning. It is somewhat difficult give an absolute rating, but it would be 4 or 5 stars.

  26. rhoward787

    Research doctor observations continued from above. I am the research doctor from the previous post, who teaches health management and PE. There are two additional observations that I would like to make:

    1. In addition to my penis growing and two of my students experiencing the same based on DHT gel application, I also experienced a thickening of my pubic hair, which makes sense considering that DHT triggers secondary body hair during adolescents “up regulation”.

    2. I as well as my two students taking DHT experienced an increase in size of the pre-existing blood vessels, and what appeared to be a substantial amount of new blood vessel formation. Such has positive implications regarding further optimization of circulation. Aesthetically, the increased blood vessels also look attractive.

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