Gyno Reductor (GYNOr)

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Gyno Reductor  (GYNOr)

We are pleased to announce the brand new product by Russianstarpeptides.

Our pre filled 2ml pre filled syringe will be suitable for all those who are unable to remove those stubborn fatty deposits that can ruin your hard work by spoiling your physique.

What is it?

GYNOr is a novel peptide matrix consisting of 5 Biomimetic peptides and hyaluronic acid.

It basically dissolves GYNECOMASTIA

This formula causes the breakdown of fats, stops it accumulating, stops new fats cells , and prevents the return of the gynocemastia

This product also causes Neocollagenesis and tightens the puffy skin . The fat cells continue to breakdown for 2 weeks after injection, there is very little trauma to the injection.

By restoring the proliferation of collagen and elastin we can also lift and tighten the skin and flesh.

It also strengthens vessel walls, can reduce hyperpigmentation sometimes seen in gyno, and increases the hydration leading to healthier skin, without any scars caused by surgery.

Peptides are.

Nonapeptide 32

Breaks down fat, reduces fat accumulation, increases metabolism of the processes involved in fat reduction, and softens the hard lumps sometimes seen with gyno.

Pentapeptide 43

reduces fat storage, promotes lipogenesis

Tripetide 41

Stimulates fat breakdown, and cell turnover, strengthens skin, and tightens skin, stops fat cells from returning, blocks cholesterol in fat cells

Octappeptide 11

stimulates cell rejuvenation , improves skin tone, stimulates neoplasm of fibroblasts, increases collagen synthesis


Improves overall health and helps the body return to homeostatis.

This product does not contain phospatidylcholine as it can cause necrosis.


This product is to be used once , if a follow up treatment is needed please contact us.

Inject o.2 ml in 5 places around each nipple into the fat itself.

After application avoid any exercise for 24 hours, if there is any swelling, please apply some ice to the area for 5 minutes .

Do not use ibruprofen before or after.

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  1. roberto

    Very sceptical at first but it wasn’t like I had many options with the price of surgery.
    I am 38 with terrible man boobs from the time I was 17.
    I have used one course so far, didn’t see anything for about 6 weeks now suddenly I can see they are getting smaller and less soft, its hard to measure but I could hold them in my hands but now there is room to spare!
    Apparently it continues to shrink for 6 months. so far very pleased and really helped my confidence.

    I have used titan dht pro 50 for other reasons and that’s very good too.

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