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Ephedrine tablets are considered to be on of the staples in developing a really good physique, with very powerful fat burning qualities, it also helps suppress appetite and doesn’t cause a crash in  energy as it wears off.


Ephedrine  50 x 30mg tabs

Ephedrine Is extremely strong and potent do not use more than 3 tabs per 24 hours

IT is used for temporary relief of shortness of breath, chest tightness, and wheezing

These are shipped worldwide and sent stealth, they are particularly popular in America and the uk where Eph is extremely hard to get hold of.

Ephedrine, like nearly all sympathomimetics and stimulants where fat loss is concerned, does not exhibit much flexibility and/or variety in its dosing scheme or even how it can be cycled. Although Eph does hold a small degree of application outside of fat loss goals, the main focus of Eph doses within bodybuilding and athletics is that of fat loss. In this sense, Ephedrine is utilized almost exclusively as a fat loss agent. Even within its application as an energy booster or temporary strength performance booster, these are merely secondary side-benefits for most people who tend to use it for fat loss.
Unlike Clenbuterol, Eph dosages are measured in the more common mg (milligram) measurement rather than the mcg (microgram) measurement that Clenbuterol uses. When Eph was openly sold as a fat loss supplement in the supplement stores, Ephedrine doses could be commonly found in 25mg or 50mg tablets (or a proprietary blend within capsules that would contain 25 – 50mg of Ephedrine within it). Due to the increasing restrictions on Ephedrine sale during the 2000s, Ephedrine can still be purchased in states where it is more readily available, but might be limited to very small amounts per tablet (4mg tablets, for example). Outside of the United States, Ephedrine doses can commonly be found in its 25 – 50mg tablet range. In Canada, Ephedrine can be bought and sold openly and freely as long as it is in concentrations no greater than 8mg per tablet.
Ephedrine is also often combined with caffeine for its synergistic effect in enhancing the fat loss effects, and has demonstrated in studies to promote moderate fat loss in obese individuals[1] [2] and has even demonstrated to enhance fat loss by an extra 1kg/month on average[3]. Furthermore, the use of Ephedrine both with and without caffeine has been shown to be safe and effective when utilized properly and diligently, as evidenced by studies[4] [5]. An average of 200mg of caffeine is normally utilized alongside each application of Ephedrine. This is commonly known as the EC stack or E/C stack (Ephedrine and caffeine stack). Furthermore, Aspirin is often combined with it, which is also commonly known as the ECA stack or E/C/A stack. However, the use of Aspirin is very questionable due to conflicting theories and a lack of clinical data to support it, and does present a greater degree of health risks during use, especially in those whom blood thinners such as Aspirin would present issues. It is for this reason that many will simply utilize Ephedrine as the EC stack without the A (Aspirin).

Eph is used almost exclusively as a fat loss agent, and as such, the target effective Ephedrine doses are normally the equivalent for all users (beginners, intermediates, and advanced). Ephedrine doses must often be slowly ramped upwards over a period of several days until the full peak dose is reached, after which the user will remain on this peak dose for the duration use. Because Ephedrine is a stimulant, rapid increases of Eph doses (or immediate full administration of the peak dose) can often be extremely discomforting and even fatal for the user. Therefore, it is strongly advised that individuals slowly increase their Eph doses steadily over a period of days, slowly working up to the desired peak dose (this is what was previously referred to as the ramp-up, or ramping up). What one person’s optimal and comfortable dose is may often not be the same for a different individual, and is often due to body weight, gender type, and size.
A peak fat burning dose for Eph would typically be in the range of 50 – 150mg per day, split into 2 – 3 doses throughout the day (spread evenly apart due to Ephs shorter half-life of 3 – 6 hours). An example of this would be:
Ephedrine use at 90mg/day total (peak dose)
– 8:00am: 30mg of Eph
– 12:00pm: 30mg of Eph
– 3:00pm: 30mg of Eph
If caffeine is utilized with Ephedrine, a typical dose of 200mg of caffeine would typically be taken with each application of Eph In this example, the peak daily Eph dose is 90mg/day and the peak application dose of Eph is 30mg. As previously mentioned, it is very crucial that individuals slowly ramp the dose upwards especially if they are a beginner or are very sensitive to stimulants.
Outline of Proper Ramp-Up Dosing Protocol (for Eph at 90mg/day total peak dose)
– Day 1: 10mg of Eph in each application (3 applications daily)
– Day 6: 20mg of Eph in each application (3 applications daily)
– Day 12: 30mg of Eph in each application (3 applications daily)
The user now remains at 90mg/day (or 30mg of Eph 3 times per day) for the duration of the Ephedrine cycle

Eph boosts the metabolism, and increases fat loss, its mild side effects usually limited to energy and a runny nose are very mild compared to stronger fat burners like clenbuterol. Women looking to achieve the fitness model look often like to combine Ephedrine with t3, and a mild anabolic like Anavar or 11-oxo.


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    Fast delivery. Well packaged. Very discreet. Eph is very hard to get hold of online. Great stuff

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