Buy Ephedrine uk 30mg x 50

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Buy ephedrine uk, Real legit Ephedrine, please avoid the fake sites selling fake eph.



Buy ephedrine uk.

Buy Ephedrine uk 30mg x 50 tabs


These are pharma made, not produced by us. They are extremely strong and very effective.
Do not inject them for fat loss, only use them as nasal drops.
Clear your nose first and then use, if you are congested they work very effectively to clear your nose, these are the strongest nasal drops available and are only usually available through prescription.
Do not run longer than 3 weeks at a time, many users find these work amazingly in combination with T3 which we are soon going to be providing.
These are shipped worldwide and sent stealth, they are particularly popular in America and the uk where Ephedrine is extremely hard to get hold of.
Ephedrine boosts the metabolism, and increases fat loss, its mild side effects usually limited to energy and a runny nose are very mild compared to stronger fat burners like clenbuterol. Women looking to achieve the fitness model look often like to combine Ephedrine with t3, and a mild anabolic like Anavar or 11-oxo.

For research only there is currently no law about distributing ephedrine unless it is under its brand name.


Ephedrine, as previously touched upon, is a compound that holds very limited use. This is because it is essentially restricted to the role of a fat loss agent. Various athletes involved in speed and strength sports (notably, power lifters) have been known to run Ephedrine cycles as a pre-workout or pre-event/competition stimulant in order to gain a temporary boost in small but notable strength gains, including its ability to increase energy. The result is often a temporary increase in performance and the total weight lifted in major exercises and events. It is important to note, however, that athletes who utilize Ephedrine in such a manner are not frequently conducting full Ephedrine cycles, but are instead using it on an infrequent basis (2 – 3 times weekly prior to workouts at 25 – 50mg). Due to the stimulant nature of Ephedrine and its close relation to amphetamines, Ephedrine is notable for its ability to provide a mental edge which also adds to increased performance resulting from concentration and cognitive increases.

Ephedrine cycles should be conducted for periods of no longer than 2 – 4 weeks at a time, especially when utilized continuously which is what is normally done (and should be done) when Ephedrine is utilized for the purpose of fat loss. This is because of the ability for Ephedrine to down regulate the alpha and beta receptors it works to act upon in order to exert its stimulant and fat loss effects. Although an individual could utilize a drug such as Ketotifen to up regulate beta-2 receptors[1], it should be noted that the use of such a compound will do nothing to up regulate alpha receptors or any other beta receptor types aside from the beta-2 receptors. This is why Ketotifen is commonly used only with selective beta-2 agonist compounds such as Clenbuterol, which specifically and exclusively target beta-2 receptors (as the name implies). Remember that Ephedrine is an alpha and beta receptor agonist. Therefore, Ephedrine cycles should be halted after approximately 4 weeks followed by an equal amount of time off of the drug so as to ensure thorough up regulation of receptors before resuming any Ephedrine cycles.


International shipping done via stealth shipping.


30 reviews for Buy Ephedrine uk 30mg x 50


    just ordered these, cant wait to use them after xmass boom.

  2. Arron (cardiff)

    These are the best ive used online, will be using you as my supplier from now on and telling all my mates.

  3. tomas

    Working great!

    Tomas Germany

  4. steve

    Steve Australia, Got here fast, and right up there with the best ephedrine ive ever purchased.

  5. Bozza

    Nice , if anyone knows about EPH , then you will know that this stuff rocks, I take 60mg in the am and 60 about midday, don’t feel much at first just hot and bp goes up, but I have so much energy, plus losing fat hand over fist.
    Tablets are slightly yellow, turmeric I was told to help with tummy issues, and a bit sweet tasting just like good old pharma eph from the 90s.


  6. Emma

    Great product, always arrives, great customer service, wont be going anywhere else



    Id say these were more like 20mg, but amazing price and service, ive seen some very good effects from these.

    Matthew. UK

  8. m.h

    I star on a british tv show called towie and your ephedrine has helped me get in the best shape ever for the coming season, this site is reem!


  9. moorlandcarpentry

    I star in films and have a massive
    Ethedrine habit so I’m happy .

    • Russianstar


  10. deb

    Been buying these every time I diet and they are really good, the best thing is you get tracking and customer service are so helpful, they are discreet and work really good

    Deb uk

  11. stacey

    Work as expected

    Stacey uk

  12. marti

    Love the energy from these and work great with caffeine.

  13. claire

    Best ephs around,

  14. luke u.k

    Amazing customer service, you put me at ease, sorry to hear you get so many timewasters in the uk, but we are all glad to have your products and those who know what ephedrine should be like knows yours is the best.


  15. cesney

    As a girl buying ephedrine online was a bit daunting, but 8 days after paying I received my ephedrine and they are the best ive used, I bought some crap stuff from Canada, and more crap from china.

    Thank you, customer for life.

  16. mark

    arrived very fast was kept upto date with tracking will definatly be ordering again cheers.

    • Russianstar

      Thank you bro, if you need anything let us know.

  17. robert ohearne

    This isn’t so much a review of ephedrine but I had to do this review.
    I bought 1 x ephedrine and accidently sent not 32 pounds but 3200 pounds to Russian star, within an hour he phoned me from a secure number and told me what had happened, I gave him my details and he refunded me, incredible cs its better than you get on amazon!!

    Customer for life incredible company.

  18. jankavarila

    well feels like ephedrine, but its definitely not 30mg feels like 8mg ones.

  19. charlenekane

    Can not fault the customer service one bit. Excellent! Customer service 5 star!
    I took one in the morning for 2 days with no effect, so took 2 this morning and still no effect? Shall I up it more or not?

    • russianstar

      I would increase the dose.

  20. Fit_21uk

    Ordered no hassle and arrived on time …really good customer service and tracking of order ….all good so far.. i am reserving 1star as yet to try ….
    Is this best to try first thing in the morning? And how long can i take for 2weeks and break or??
    Thank you in advance

  21. lizzywright53

    .I’ve just received my ephedrine, could someone tell me the best time to take them, how many etc.

  22. hannah.callander

    Hi everyone. A little advice needed.
    So iv been taking these for 2 weeks. First i took just 1 with 200mg caff and aspirin. 3 times a day 4 hours apart. Felt really good effects. But after a couple of days the effect dissapeared. So I started taking 2 at each dose instead . I just want to know if i should be taking before or after food. And if these are infact real eph. People have told me you cant get it anywhere in the uk at all and that its a waste of money. I really need to shred some lbs and im working out and eating right. But i just want abit of help . Was going to order some more but im not sure now.

  23. urejessica

    Great delivery service. Have taken two today with no effect. Would you recommend taking more? Appreciate the advice thanks.

    • russianstar

      I don’t know how much you are taking

  24. katherine_platt

    How long until I should see an affect please?

    • russianstar

      usually within a few days

    • russianstar

      Please email us

  25. maria

    please read

    I have been buying these for nearly 18 months and they are the best around, also very easy to purchase. I would suggest ladies not to to go anywhere else and never use paypal to buy from other sites, I lost my paypal account because of a uk scammer

    Here its safe, reliable and private and great customer help

  26. veronicarents

    I finally ordered looking forward to starting! I’m usually very sceptical but have a good feeling about this. Customer service has been great had some issues with emails going to spam for purchase at first. Will post on results..

  27. arjan

    Great as always. cheers

  28. claire.d

    the nasal drops are very strong, down 3lbs this week

  29. claire s

    Super product, very happy

    CLAIRE uk

  30. elizabethbyron838

    Brilliant product when used properly and combined with a healthy diet and exercise. I’ve dropped 4lbs in 4 days. Will definitely be ordering more! Thanks guys

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