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Penis enlargement / extension cream. Scientifically formulated to increase penis length and girth through topical application
Can reduce estrogen and improve vascularity, while improving libido, muscle hardness and fat loss.

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TITAN12% dht gel

For research only

HPLC available this week on all titan gels ( please see product gallery)


The worlds strongest topical DHT gel!


A product proven to make your penis bigger!

Checkout the results from Rapid one of our customers in the above link!!

(Legal disclaimer. The dht used is dht heptanoate this is an investigational product purely for research use)

Penis enlargement / DHT  this is not he same as any other dht gel and uses a new novel far more advanced kind of dht GEL Scientifically formulated to increase penis length and girth through topical application
Can reduce estrogen and improve vascularity, while improving libido, muscle hardness and fat loss.

Polythene Glycol



12% DHT (current test shows as 13.6% )

Patent pending DERMA assimilation complex.

Selenium and rose oil now added to improve the smell and feel.

30 Servings

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What is TITAN?

Also known as androstanolone and stanolone , and is used clinically under brand names including Anabolex, Anaprotin, Andractim, Androlone, Gelovit, Neoprol, Pesomax, and Stanaprol Dht gels but our version is better and unique.
Titan is a product that contains a designated amount of DHT per serving in a liquid carrier, slightly more viscose than a liquid and less so than a gel.
DHT is also what testosterone converts into which when it goes through this conversion differs in its affects from DHT applied in a transdermal form.
Titan is very quickly assimilated, penetrates the epidermis, and attaches itself to androgen receptors where applied, its also down regulates oestrogen receptors in the area applied.
Along with DHT, TITAN uses a unique patent pending carrier system and vitamin profile to aid in stronger erections and aid in blood flow.

TITAN shuttles DHT through the epidermis and it then attaches to androgen receptors causing a cascade of affects, the first being the signal to ignite the satellite cells and the gene signalling system to effectively prepare for growth.
The second is for these cells to mature and develop in a natural way that for some reason nature or nurture hasn’t previously allowed.
After a period of time which is very variable , the combination of stretching and exercise while using TITAN will unlock the potential size hidden away in your DNA.
This is not some pill that offers a miracle, DHT gel has been used to treat micro penis, and if you look online many p.e forums have found great success using a far weaker less utilised form of dhtgel.How does it work?

How much should I use?
TITAN can be used 2 times a day for penis enlargement, a finger tip measurement (from the top of the finger to the first digit crease) will allow the user to apply this for near 8 weeks, TITAN should be used for at least 12 months continually with combined exercise for full effect on penis growth.

Will TITAN cause shutdown or hair loss?
No , the simple reason being transdermal DHT doesn’t get used in a systematic way, and is very localised to the area applied, because it acts like this it doesn’t signal your body to shutdown, and it doesn’t get carried to other androgen rich areas such at the hair line or prostate.

Can TITAN be used to treat GYNO?
Yes, a way that I’m finding very effective with clients is, to use a dermal roller, 0.5mm to penetrate the epidermis on the areas affected, and to then apply titan. This causing a shrinking of the affected area.

Can TITAN be used to masculinise a woman?
Yes, if this is your desire, 4 x application daily to the chest and clitoral area will provide masculinisation in combination with other treatments.

Can you use more than the recommended amount for greater affect?
Yes you can, but only to a certain degree before no more DHT can be assimilated in a certain time frame by the androgen receptors in the areas applied.

Why does TITAN smell so strong
One of the reasons is DMSO part of the carrier I designed , but we are working on making it smell a lot more fragrant.

*UPDATE* we removed the smell!!

It came in a clear bottle unmarked? Is that TITAN?
Yes that’s stealth packaging.

It looks like a clear liquid.

Does TITAN work?
Proof is in the pudding so to speak, ive had many reviews sent to me so far from around the world with users seeing results from it, just remember its not an overnight cure for anything and it takes time and effort, but it does work as science shows, and the hundreds of users online who have used the weak prescription form of the DHT gel and seen a very varied increase in size and girth, some as much as 2.7 inches in a 12 month period.



Scientific studies show topical dht is a successful way to increase penis length and girth with no long term side effects.


TITAN 12 AND TITAN 20 and 35 Come as a clear liquid gel in unmarked unlabelled bottles for obvious reasons.

New bottles are 20ml and concentrated, this is to avoid customs, 2drops is the same as 5 in the 30ml bottles.

83 reviews for TITAN 12% DHT GEL

  1. rob (uk)

    Been using this for 12 weeks, had it checked first, its supposed to be 12% dht but its actually stronger, was 14%. And real DHT so that was good, also ive gained 1.3 cm in length already. I will be running this for at least a year.
    Thank you Russianstar for bringing out an amazing product, customer for life here. Don’t like the DMSO smell though haha. Best thing is flaccid length is up nearly 0.7 inches!! And balls look swollen, erections seem harder but that might be my imagination. I will let you all know how it goes!

    • Russianstar

      I am glad to hear of your results , I’m sure there will be a lot more results before long.
      Thank you, R.s

  2. DR WHOO

    I wont say my name as I am a little embarrassed , but I want to share my experiences. I have micro penis, and the nhs wont help me as they say I’m of sound mind, what a joke, anyway in November 2015 I came across this. Ive been using it 3 x a day every day, nhs told me it would need 3 years of dht application so I’m not expecting miracles.
    4 months in I have increased in length 0.5 inches which for me is massive, I’m using a pump now as I was too small to use it earlier and every day it feels stronger and longer, this may well change my entire life. if it does you deserve the nobel bro! Thank you hope you don’t mind me posting this up you can moderate it if you like.
    Thanks again DR WHOO

  3. Mr big

    Well I have one complaint the smell, but apart from that ive been using this since December and I’m much thicker in girth which is what I wanted, it takes time and every day application but the stuff works!! Bravo!!

  4. Cigarguy19

    I can’t give a full review yet, as I just tried it today. I was waiting by the mailbox like a hawk. I did not notice a strong smell. It must be from your new batch. It’s more of a liquid than a cream or gel. That makes it a little difficult to measure. Other than that, I’m glad you made this. I’d love to know where Rob had it tested. Here’s to bigger and better things.

    • levi.filimanov

      Thank you so much bro, I can message rob on here and find out for you.

  5. Cigarguy19

    Like I said, the smell isn’t as strong as I’ve read about but it is kind of a metal smell. Dries out the area in which it is applied. However, dryness can be fixed. My first comment is still waiting approval after a few days. Hope you’re still there.

    • levi.filimanov

      Sorry bro didn’t see the comment come in, thank you for your honest review, maybe I can work on the dryness with the next batch.

  6. bango

    I have using this for 12 weeks and this week I’m seeing a change , I know dmso can big vasolidation , (right word?) but this is different the muscle is getting thicker.
    My cousin ordered this too and she is using it because she having a sex to change into men. She say it save her so much euro because other gel is weak and expensive.
    Thank you great Titan product,!!

  7. Amyra

    Thank you from Dubai!!!

  8. LUIS

    This is great, good customer service and very helpful.
    I send this all the way from brazil!

  9. Cigarguy19

    Wow Levi. I’m impressed. I’m starting to notice a bit of growth after 2 weeks. Thank you for making such a high percentage at a decent price. Bango is correct about the other product; low percentage and very high cost. Gives a nice tingle when applied too, lol. Must be the vasodialation. I should probably get my testosterone level checked to make sure it’s not getting too high. Thanks again.

  10. Steve

    Hi my name is steve and this has changed my life, no lie.. you deserve a nobel prize bro
    I am logging this on amazing stuff.

    Please all follow me, I’m just an average joe, no affiliations.
    Huge thanks from Canada.

  11. mikey

    Best product I have ever spent money on, I use this for my gyno bra!! EPIC RESULTS!! You the man!

  12. steve

    This is my other log on professional muscle!! I am using this on my gyno now too

    Please follow p.m members!!

  13. steve

    Ok so I got banned for trying to log this on p.m so I’m logging it here and

    Thank you

  14. karim

    So glad you are back on professional muscle as a sponsor, shows how good you are. Bought 3 titan 10 kits of gh and made some orders for hades, you products are the most exciting ive found anywhere.

    Strongest GH ive ever used in my life, honestly I cant tell enough people, And your Titan gel it keeps me so dry I use it just for that!!

    Thanks bro, so glad I found your site.

  15. xian

    Whoever is stupid enough to say this doesn’t work is dumb, added 0.6 inches in 4 months using this alone.
    Amazing product, I love the vascularity this causes too!!

    Hello from the USA

  16. Julian

    added ~0.5cm in girth in 2 months

  17. p.e steve

    My log is still going!!

    Best product I have ever used! Bought 2 more bottles and the customer service is unreal .

  18. marcus

    love this stuff, will use it for life, , anyone with intelligence will know what dht can do down there! Misses loves this product, shes never been happier.

  19. Adam

    This is the best DHT gel on the market, it works!!
    Adam from usa

  20. vitali



    Love this product , and very impressed with the clever payment method, don’t like the packaging though just a clear bottle, but I understand why.
    Second time ordering,
    James USA

  22. Stepan

    life changer, nuff said


  23. stefan

    hey want to try this

  24. inferno

    Ok this is my 7th month, I never reported back earlier as I thought I might jinx my progress, I added 2.6 inches in length, and 1.1 in girth in that period.
    2 x ed application
    20 mins of stretching
    10 mins of jelking

    That was my routine, I think I can get 3 inches in a year, I will be 9 inches then!!!!! Guys try to get bigger for what 10 years, and gain like an inch, lol!!
    This needs to be everywhere bro, how the fuk!! did you make something that works!!

    Great customer service, and also a ridiculous price, so cheap that much DHT!!!


  25. T

    This is to ‘Inferno’

    Hey, when you say 2 x ed application, I’m assuming that is twice per day.

    So how much exactly in mL measurement or whatever measurement do you apply? Like how many droplets?

    The thing came to me last month without any measurement so I don’t even know how much to apply in terms of exact quantity. The website says “30 servings” and other place I read was that the bottle lasts five or eight weeks so I’m confused about how much to apply.

    I asked the maker of this product and I didn’t clear answer so I appreciate if you reply “Inferno”


    • inferno

      Hi Tskim, the measurement i use is the one on the item description, 1 fingertip measurement.
      That’s 0.5ml, giving you 60 applications so it could last 8 weeks depending on how its run, The guy probably gets fed up of being asked questions that hes answered a thousand times when its all described on the website.
      I do exactly as Russianstar instructed, do 1 measurement from finger tip to the first crease. and apply that quickly all over my penis.

      Wait a while then start stretching for 20 mins, then jelk for 10 I’m applying like this 2 x ed.

      It comes unmarked so you don’t get done, I don’t get done and the supplier doesn’t get done, common sense.

      I didn’t see results for 8 weeks, then it happened quite quickly for me.


  26. aaaaaaaaa

    It works, thank you !

  27. T

    “That’s 0.5ml”

    Thank you Inferno. That’s what I was looking for. A quantity amount. When they say fingertip measurement, it was hard to measure in terms of ml because the liquid easily drips out of my finger.

    I will transport what I have left to a glass bottle with a eye dropper so I can use correct mL dosage.

    I almost ran out of the supply because of this.

    • Russianstar

      Hi bro , I’m sorry to hear that, because of shipping laws etc we have to send unmarked and in a plastic bottle.
      We will seek to improve the description and the measurement. Very sorry to hear.

  28. EngKeat

    Be good to try it

  29. rod

    Just to say thank you, I follow you on professional muscle and read some logs, I bought this 4 months ago, and like inferno didn’t see results for about 9 weeks and I was like… this aint happening, now I’m gaining almost weekly doing 5 days a week and having 2 days off incase androgen receptors have any issues.

    I also had bad gyno, this and 200ml of mast e a week has nearly cleared it up when mast on its own wasn’t doing much, and man am I dry and vascular.

    Legit DHT gel is so hard to get hold of, and your sales are amazing!! Thanks again bro,.
    Rod U.S.A NYC

  30. rapido

    Hi I’m Rapido, and you can see my results here.
    I have been using this for 82 weeks, and I will never ever stop!!

  31. T


    I clicked on your link and saw the pic. What is your final size (in length and girth) at that week 82 pic?

    • rapido

      I’m 6.4 inches erect, the angle makes it look bigger, I started off at 2 inches erect.
      My girth is 3.9 inches.
      I am still going though!!

  32. Carlos

    Hi Russian Star,

    I got the package with five stealth bottles and arriving well without any problems.

    I can tell you after applying topically the 12% DHT for a while, things is been happening and improving, I am getting a good morning wood almost everyday, wow,  but I am continuing to use more and more until I get what I am looking… more increasing in length and girth. I have been on the treatment for almost 4 weeks…

    I’ll be back later for more stealth.

    Thanks so much. 

    Sincerely, Carlos

  33. mike

    Switched over to this from the prescription version, and this works much better. Using this for GYNO and seeing a bug reduction is size and soreness.

  34. army

    Works a treat

  35. canadaguy

    Thank you for making this, also best carrier ive ever seen or used.

  36. matsu

    Don’t like the package, but its making my package bigger, very good with it.
    Matsu , Tokyo

  37. tom

    Not sure why peeps give 1 star or 2 stars when they are asking a question that’s clear on your website, just made my 7th purchase with credit card, love your products, the new range your bringing out is just amazing!!

  38. stephen


  39. slavic

    SPASIBO DRUG!! klassno product!

  40. Arton

    Just wanted to say thank you for improving my love life and making my wife happy, I finally feel like a man.

    Arton Canada

  41. ?

    ive been buying 2 bottles every 7 weeks and mega dosing, any I don’t use I know I will anyway. Great product, it works!


  42. Snake e.u

    I am an international pornstar, but we are always looking for ways to get bigger, thank you for this product, as an expert in this field this product works, I was 9.5 inches in length, after 5 months of use I’m now nearly 10 inches, nothing else works, none of the bunk junk trunk skunk potions and lotions, except for this. I have hooked up a few of my costars who I’m sure will be leaving you feedback, by the way your customer service is the best I have ever encountered.

    Regards Snake

  43. T

    Question for snake e.u

    So it took you 5 months to get almost 0.5 inches? Did you do any Penis enlargement exercises like stretching, extending, pumping, jelqing, clamping, hanging, edging, ballooning, or any of these combinations while you were on this Titan 12%?

  44. usa

    Will keep buying, great product!


  45. holland

    This actually works, cant honestly believe it but it does! Thank you, also just have to add what amazing customer service.

  46. Germany franz

    Will buy this again and again, have told all my friends !
    Regards from Germany

  47. Canada

    Amazing, and the gel drys so fast even when I wake up my penis looks bigger.


  48. S.J

    love the new formula I can use it to stretch and rub as its not drying so fast much much better, thanks again!
    Going to buy the 20% formula next time.

  49. taitime11

    Recived the Titan DHT today!! Best custom service ever ! I will report in an month or so about the gainz.
    Greetz form Austria

    • Russianstar

      Thank you bro, love hearing that!! Thank you again R.S

  50. p.esteve

    p.esteve hey bro I got banned on pegym.forums they said I was you as I endorsed your product, is that because you wouldn’t sponsor there they banned me? Seems really fuked up as your product works why it cant be shared everywhere.


    • russianstar

      Hey I’m sorry to hear that, I don’t want to help greedy people get even more money, I’m trying to help people. They wanted a list of all the ingredients in the product, obviously I cant share that info.
      Sorry to hear you are banned on there, but rest assured you helped some people see what Titan dht gel can do.

  51. PETE

    I only got 2cm growth in length and 1.5 in girth, but this product worked, cant say more than that!
    pete Canada.

  52. Andy

    Another flawless transaction and delivery, thank you. This product is really amazing

  53. SLAV

    Thank you , o4in horo6o!!

  54. T.D

    works as described. cheers bro.

  55. zoemajor150

    I’m excited because I just place my order today I would say a late Christmas present for myself! Seeing all the positive things from this product gave me the confidence to go for it. I will be following the instructions for the gel and in combination with some stretching and edging! Looking forward to the gains – Rudy

    • Russianstar

      I will be happy to see how you find it bro.

  56. mik

    Just cant believe it.. Its been only 2 days and i am using it 3 times a day with an extender after the dht been absorbed.. From the first day i was able to put more rods on my extender (and note thatt i wasn’t able to put more rods without dht) This thing is so genius.. It makes your pe more flexible to stretch it.. Dht is awsome!! Can’t believe it.. Can’t wait to buy 20% Dht gel (wish without side effects) 🙂 thanks a lot.!.!.!

    • Russianstar

      Thank you bro, some people do respond very fast, others much slower, but I’m very happy to hear your results are so quick.

  57. rogerhasgotit

    I am going to use this for muscle hardness and lower estrogen

    I just would like to make it clear about dosage :

    One serving is 1ml so it supposed to bring 120mg of DHT per serving right ? ( probably less because of the absorption percentage)

    In the descrpition it s told to apply 2 finger tip measurement per serving, but this gel is very liquid, and i have measured that 2 finger tip measurement is not even 0,1 ml …

    Then what is the proper dosage ?? i need help i can’t use this product at the moment because of this problem !

  58. s.lagatoras

    I just received yesterday and I am very excited!!!today I woke up with a hard erection!! My only problem is the water like consistency and the alcohol smell but I supposed it’s supposed to be like this?

    • russianstar

      yes bro so it drys faster and is sterile.

  59. rogerhasgotit

    Got Oestradiol checked and it is < 5pg/ml, TITAN is so good , it works better than an aromatase inhibitor to reduce estrogen

    • russianstar

      That’s great thank you bro!!

  60. Deshawn

    Been using the Titan gel for almost a month now, havent seen any side effects..Getting a morning woods on some mornings and increased in hardness. Havent seen any increase in lenght or girth but will continue. I jelq and use a bathmate.

    Question for you inferno, are you using the titan non stop or are you cycling it. How long it took you to see gains? And you still using as of right now?

    • russianstar

      Hi bro how are you, remember to stretch after using the titan as that’s when the collagen is softer and the dht can really work its magic.

  61. starfire700

    Just got 4 bottles today! Really excited to see the results. Anyone have any tips on jelq/stretching

  62. russianstar

    Read the product description, this is sent unmarked in 30ml bottles.
    And make sure you check your spam emails, im answering the same guys 20 x because they don’t look in their spam, and then they are saying I don’t respond and are the bottles titan or not.
    The product description clearly explains everything.

    Kindest regards RUSSIANSTAR

  63. s.lagatoras

    Week 8 .already bought my second far great erections very hard. Almost every day random hard ons and i am getting aroused very easily. Still no gains in hard mode only flaccid where it is thicker and fuller and hangs down more freely and longer.has anyone gained from only the gel and no exercises? I want an inch more and that would be the end for me!

    • russianstar

      How often are you stretching bro?

  64. s.lagatoras

    No stretching at all except when I apply it.i want to see how much it will grow on it’s own!it has improved my flaccid length and girth

  65. youngeaglebws

    Just recieved TITAN i’ve been anxious to see lol
    Great customer service and great price! i’ll be back with the results after some time and will be getting more.

    • Admin

      Glad to hear this thank you.

  66. justinlaw38

    Received my order thank you

    • Russianstar

      Thank you bro

  67. dq139

    has anybody experienced balding from using this product?

    Also what is the easiest way to measure this stuff out? measuring it on my finger wastes the product.

    thanks for the help!

    • russianstar

      Not that’s been reported certainly not from 12%

      new bottles are 2 drops to avoid wasting any.

  68. joshuamartinez93

    I didn’t see any effects 🙁 I wasn’t using this for penis enlargement tho. I was using it for Post finasteride syndrome. Can this be taken orally?
    No matter where I rubbed this stuff or how much I rubbed I felt nothing in terms of increase androgens or stimulation of hair growth where it was rubbed.
    Proviron seems much better still.

    • admin

      TITAN 12 WONT BE STRONG ENOUGH FOR THIS PURPOSE, that’s why its always good to question using

  69. neilmckeever

    will rubbing topical finasteride for 6 weeks before I start using the gel make it work better for dick growth?

    • RS


  70. youngeaglebws

    I gained maybe 0.4 inch after over three months of use, but im not sure if it’s just better erections. No visible increase in girth. At the beggining (1-1.5 month) my penis seemed thicker when flaccid but now it is no different. I had no break in using Titan just yet but im thinking about using it on and off 8 weeks – 2 weeks break.

    Also other masculinization effects like hair growth on chest or beard stop after certain time. I think that the best way to use IMO is going 6-8 weeks then deconditioning break and start anew.

    • russianstar

      Cycling it is the best way to keep gains coming.

  71. eliot

    Great service fast shipping

  72. egshaan

    Do you guys deliver to South africa

    • russianstar

      yes we do

  73. Sam . J

    Wow this new version is unreal. Suddenly getting gains again. Amazing.

  74. ajbyrne4

    Absolutely the best customer service I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with! I just purchased Titan 12% today and I am looking forward to future purchases.

    • russianstar

      Thank you, please let us know when you order next and we will offer you a discount. Thank you for the review.

  75. dangerling_0202

    I have been using for 3 weeks, I was using 2 drops a day but after a few days I was feeling very bad, couldnt sleep a kind of fast heart rate during night was realy bad, so then I use 1drop a day, and was better but not much changes, just harder erections and a bit fat loss, and well some changes in my mood (bad), irritate easy.
    For the good changes could be that I just have to use little bit more time, but im worry about that bad feeling tha Id get, im a healthy person, not any sexual problems, just wanted to improve fat loss (wich is working a bit) and why not PE ?, does anybody has symptoms or what could it be? Thanks
    If there is no clue i will have to stop it 🙁

    • Russianstar

      Sounds like the DHT maybe increasing anxiety in you, usually it calms but it can have the opposite effect in some users. keep the low dose and build up tolerance. Even titan 12 is strong stuff.

  76. Ege

    I have been using this for two months, I was about 16cm (bone pressed) when I started, now I reached 17cm (non-bone pressed) or 17.5 (bone pressed). I have reached my goal but I keep using the DHT because even though DHT doesn’t have any anabolic effects, it does have this very sharpening, male-like feeling on one’s brain. It truly makes me feel much more confident and relaxed when I apply some on my face. Plus my beard has never been that great.
    I would recommend it for younger users because they simply will be much more sensible to DHT over their penis.
    Indeed DHT has the main role in secondary sexual caracteristics’ expression (just check Wiki page), it’s truly the main hormone that makes men have a penis.
    To conclude, it does work (mostly on younger users), it does make one feel very masculin and at ease.

  77. HankMoody980

    I used it for about 8 weeks 4 drops daily and increased it by 0.5 cm but when I stopped I noticed a slight HPTA suppression.
    Do I need to decrease the drops?

  78. last.spartan

    Been using this for 2 months now with a week break midway. 0.5cm gain in length so far and theres is a strong diuretic effect all over my body. Looking dry!!
    Just ordered some more. Hard to find proper concentrated doses of substances like these.

  79. lucci.waters

    Order is still in process but I must say that Russian Star gives decent customer service. Just hit him up … it may take a day but he’ll respond.

  80. phRMA

    As a pharmacy specialising in penis growth products we have been using this instead of other version of dht gel, this is by far the best product

  81. Jennifer Hadden

    Hi all,

    I’m eagerly waiting for my order to ship and thought I’d look through the reviews for any opinions from women, or spouses of women, who’ve used this.

    I do need to confirm the best way to apply directly to my clitoris since I’m buying to increase size and libido, but don’t want to get to eager with applications and go transgender. I’m guessing this will be less than twice daily. I did ask my gyno about this, but the doctor was focusing strictly on testosterone, so I came upon DHT and researched since past testosterone injections were no help for me. My understanding is that most of the effects for me should be primarily on the area I apply, especially since I take Spironolactone daily and it can internally counteract many additional effects of the DHT. Any feedback, insight or past experience would be really helpful!

    Thanks so much!

  82. jimihough564

    dick has grown about an inch in girth and an inch in length in about 2 months on this stuff, love it!

  83. rlara485

    Great product and props on the fast shipping in the middle of a pandemic. Impressed. Somewhat of an odd question but I’m not using it for growth, just a fan of DHT/Androgens….. so the odd question, is this flavorless and does it fully absorb? ie. Will a partner be able to taste it or is there any danger in them absorbing the DHT? Lastly, is 2 drops the dose? Cheers.

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