People have tried many number of things to do this, supplements, lotions and potions, but did you know their is only one recognised non surgical way to actually increase your penis size?

Firstly before we go any further, if you are alone and its suitable , I want you to check something, feel with your hand down towards your anus, then push on the area between your penis and your anus, and imagine you are trying to hold in your urine.

That area differs greatly in size between people, but that area holds the muscle and collagen and ligaments that can be stretched and grown.

Much like an iceberg in many men the biggest area of the penis muscle is hidden.

So what can you do?

Well its quite simple, in laymens terms dht gel has been used to increase under developed boys for quite some time, and some times post pubertal men too, but imagine if this wasn’t just a designated product for those people.

In fact anyone can benefit from DHT gel, however the lower strength prescription kinds are pretty much useless for increasing penis growth. So we came up with multiple strengths in very economical quantities so you don’t pay massive amounts for something that should be available to everyone.

We provide Titan 12 dht gel, a good starting point, Titan 20, 35, and 50% including a Titan pro version with an androgen receptor stimulation additive and vasodilator .

Now by applying the gels alone you will get some changes but its the stretching and exercise that will pull those ligaments and collagen, soften the base and allow for more and more penile muscle to become visible. Think of it like a balloon, you need to apply enough pressure to stretch the fascia but not so much you injure it, and over time it becomes easier and easier to fill the muscle with blood and nutrients allowing sustained and permanent growth.

Everyone is different but one thing is for certain everyone can achieve growth through application of our gels.

A recent renowned Doctor who lectures in university recently wrote a glowing review on a product that actually works, our beloved Titan dht gel.

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Kindest regards The kings of aesthetics Russian star peptides.

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