WWW.RUSSIANSTARPEPTIDES.COM now has a huge sale on titan 12 dht and titan 20 dht gel

Please always read the product descriptions, we also have a huge sale on our dnp, we ship from the uk worldwide, Ephedrine is also on sale.


New products added, mt2 x 10 ,  so you get 10 x 10mg vials all for an executive rate !

Plus 5mg ace031 which is the first of its kind in the world.

Zoi is an amazing product currently under patent and uses the power of ru58841 the super ant androgen with no sides, plus other key hair regrowth ingredients just put it on before bed and leave it, it drys fast.

Zoof our super skin product that is great for guys and girls on aas, can be used on the back or face and it basically clears up breakouts and prevents new ones while evening the skin tone.


Our products are exclusive to www.russianstarpeptides.com, that means they are not sold anywhere else.


Look forwards to seeing you as a customer!


Kindest regards RSP

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