Our now world known product TITAN 12% , TITAN 20% and TITAN 35% has had success in over 24 countries, with 2 manufacturing facilities now up and running.

To celebrate TITAN 35% being released, we have slashed prices to

25gbp for titan 12% dht gel for p.e

40gbp for titan 20% dht gel for p.e and systematic dht assimilation.

12 hours only and the prices go back.

All returning customers can get a 10% off code.

ZOI AND ACE PRODUCTS are manufactured after purchase so they are fresh.

DNP is in stock ans is ephedrine and ships from the uk worldwide.

Anavar is also on sale 50 x 50 for just 45gbp,  spec analysis shows 96% purity.


We looking forwards to your custom


And our sister site, www.prohormone-kingdom.co.uk

selling M1T!



AND PHERA-PLEX The real stuff!!


Kindest regards RS


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