Many of you have searched high and low for a secret answer to a bigger penis, there is no secret only scientific proof, there is one chemical that is used for increasing penis growth.

This is DHT, we sell Titan DHT gel, and its the original and best, stronger than any pharmaceutical versions and used by many to increase size.

The draw back, it takes time, effort and continued use.

It doesn’t happen overnight, the number of guys who have emailed me 3 days after buying it to say it doesn’t work, then I say it needs at least 6 weeks to saturate receptors to increase growth, then email me, only to see they become regular return customers.

The gains are permanent.

DMSO softens the collagen, that’s why it must be used not just as a carrier to penetrate the skin so the DHT works fully.

There is no Alcohol in the product, we use a matrix of ingredients including selenium to help provide the best environment for growth and penis health.

The product is moisturizing, but quick drying.

Its a clear liquid gel, not a cream, creams are far less useful for what we want to achieve a quick burst of dht, not a prolonged release.

The amounts used limit systematic affects but provide optimum amounts for growth.

We offer 12% , 20% 35% and 50%

We send worldwide, and we send signed and tracked stealth.

Don’t waste your money on cheap gels or tablets THEY DO NOT WORK and are the biggest scam in the world. Only Stretching, pumping and DHT gel works.

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