We sell a few kinds of dht gel, so which one for you?

If you are looking for mild dht benefits, less water, improved body composition, improved libido, Titan 12% DHT is the best kind.

If you want a DHT gel that’s offers more in the way of penis growth then beginners in p.e should start at TITAN 20%

Intermediate at 35

Advanced at 50

Very advanced with over a year of p.e exercising under their belt Titan pro dht

We are bringing out a stronger version in the future. But for now this selection offers the best range on the world wide web. with worldwide shipping and easy quick payment methods.

Remember you must use Titan gels for at least 12 weeks to start seeing growth. One bottle lasts about 10 weeks, Titan 50 is a 30ml bottle and lasts 14 weeks, Titan dht pro lasts up to 22 weeks.

We look forwards to hearing from you.


If you order over 200gbp worth of items and quote Russian free ship in your notes when checking out, we wont charge you shipping when you are invoiced.

Kindest regards RSP

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